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Will You Be Happy With Him Or Her?

Can you feel that you have found the perfect match and we will have a great time with him or her , but what is the truth and we must learn to read the signs of the movements and actions of her before it is too late and 'hit' him or her for good. Many times blind us love, idealize others and it is difficult to accept that we do not pass well or that we are in a relationship that our troubles. It is therefore important from the beginning of a Partnership which have not yet developed very deep feelings, we can see whether the person next to us we can make us happy. Small details are sometimes making a difference and show us things or we are unable to discern, or simply choose to ignore. The following test - quiz is good for more lengthy Relations to see if it really worth continuing the relationship or not, if they see that we will be happy with the match already selected. Answer our questions honestly and as objectively as you can and see if you really do happy.
10 Questions
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1. When in a group with several other people and someone intentionally or not, your challenge, he or she is doing?
Do we not heard or that no one noticed...
He defended at all costs any way we can at that time.
2. When going out together...
Always ask your opinion to know their moods and what you want to do that day to thank you.
Arranged by lonely, her to go and simply communicate your time to get ready.
3. You need to see your friends a few days without the presence of his or her, to tell yours. How he reacts or when you call?
He or she souting to you and demands to go out alone with him or her.
He understands your need, and he comes and or with his or her friends.
4. When your partner is going through tough times and have closed it, how you behave?
Tends to be offensive or you.
He/She need's you more than ever.
5. When you 're demoralized and ill, what he or she is doing?
I think you blame your fault, the movements and unpleasant thoughts.
Waiting patiently to pass you and asks if you can do for you.
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