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Stress can impact your body in many ways and cause a wide variety of symptoms. This tool is designed to examine your stress symptoms or physical symptoms that you have that are likely due to stress and provide resources appropriate to your situation, to allow you to relieve stress and the various stress symptoms that present themselves in your life. And regardless of how many stress symptoms you're experiencing, you'll learn more about how stress can impact your body just by taking the quiz. Just answer the 19 quick questions that follow and you'll have steps you can take now for a healthier life with fewer stress symptoms!
19 Questions
from 1. to 6th question
1. Do you have experience with tension headaches?
Yes, itís not unusual for me to have headaches during a stressful day.
No, I rarely get tension headaches.
2. Have you experienced weight gain or weight loss that you suspect is due to stress, or are you storing more fat in your belly lately?
Yes, I find that my bodyís shape has changed, and Iím wondering if itís due to stress.
No, I donít think Iíve experienced stress-related weight changes.
3. Do you have more difficulty with decision-making and concentration these days, or find that you're forgetting things more often?
Yes, my mind is a bit foggy these days.
No, I don't really worry about things that are beyond my control.
4. Do you find yourself getting less joy from your work and feeling a sense of burnout?
Yes, Iím wondering if Iím approaching burnoutóor if Iím already there!
No, I still enjoy my work as much as I ever did.
5. Do you feel fatigue or exhauste?
Yes, I seem to be tired most of the time.
No, Iím mostly only tired when itís time to go to bed.
6. Have you become an Emotional Eater? (Do you find yourself eating to cope with stress, or craving sweet or salty food more than usual?)
Yes, this sounds like me.
No, my eating patterns are pretty much under my control.
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