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The Most Frequent Lies Men Tell in and out of a relationship

Studies have proven that a regular man says, on average, six lies a day, which is approximately twice more often than a woman. And he does not matter if he is in or out of a relationship. Read the article below to find out the most frequent lies that men usually say.
Blind Dating: Success or Failure for a new relationship?

? We all know the real definition of blind dates and if we didn’t have one, we surely have a friend that did and have been suggested to also go for one. But I think that we can also name them as some tricks to fool our “fate” of being single and never seem to meet someone to please us. This whole concept was born from the marriage of Despair and Boredom: the most probable is that you were desperate when making the decision to go for one and that you got bored as you were having it. And, anyway, how could be a child born from Despair and Boredom, if not deceiving?!
The Rhythm of Dating

So, you have decided that you don’t want to be single anymore and you are determined to find someone to whom you can share your life. But, once you have started you may just felt like on a roller coaster: you saw a guy, liked him, but when you finally went on a date – surprise! He’s not for you; then you meet another one, went out a few dates, but history repeated etc. etc. How hard and often should you test your luck?
6 Things that a Man Instantly Notice at a Woman

Do you want to know what determine man to turn their hands in an admiring way after a woman? Fortunately for you, it is not so complicate to find out the answer… We investigated this dilemma and found out which are the things that men instantly notice when they jump into a woman.
Analyze your style of flirting

New studies prove the best methods in starting new passions. Find out if you need upgrades in this field. You notice a cute guy at the bar. How do you proceed? Do you discretely look towards him or do you go to him and search a way to break the ice with a conversation? If you break the ice and you find out that there is chemistry between you, what do you do next? Do you invite him to dance with you or do you initiate a conversation in which you try to impress him with details about your life? Your way of reacting in these types of situations can tell you some things about your style of flirting.
Until fighting will tear us apart

In relationships we get angry, we say things that we don’t believe, we suffer because we don’t feel loved. All couples are fighting and most of them come to an end. Statistics became alarming, so psychologists started a really counter-offensive for saving modern marriages. "Love is all you need" says that famous Beatle's song. Love stories claim that love defeats everything.
Signs Single Women Should Watch Out While Dating Online

Single women are turning to online dating these days. There are several reasons behind this. One of the main reasons is that it is very convenient. Women can stay at their homes and date men. This gives them a sense of comfort and saves a lot of time and money on their part too. This is a medium that helps them to find Mr. Right for them. The immense popularity of dating sites has made them enjoy this opportunity. The concept of online dating has also allowed good amount of access of women to a broader network of people across the globe.
Dating Tips: What Men Want?

Every woman wants to be her man’s only and favorite girl. However, this is usually known to be a far-fetched dream for most women across the globe. This is because most women are not aware of what men exactly want from them. Many women have made hard efforts but realized that trying to know what men exactly want in women is a hard nut to crack. When you are madly in love with a man, then you want to get full attention, love and admiration for him.
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