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How To Make Others Fall Madly In Love With You?

A new acquaintance gives us hope that can bring the love of our life and a wonderful relationship. The question is whether anyone is ready to accept a new relationship in his or her life? We may seek forever a relationship that makes us feel beautiful, full of companionship and great moments, but can we play the game of love well and make others fall madly in love with us from the first moment of our introduction? Learn through the following test if you can convert a new acquaintance that interests you a lot, into the relationship of your life.
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1. You just met the person of your dreams at a club and you fell in love at first sight, while you sense that the feelings are mutual, what do you do?
You do absolutely nothing.
You constantly glance full of meaning, waiting for the “bait” to bite.
After flirting from a distant, you go with meaning to the toilet.
You go near him or her and you say your best line.
Shortly before going, you give him or her a piece of paper with your name and number.
2. You go out with the person you are very much in love and spend a wonderful evening together. At the end of the evening...
You invite him or her home for a drink.
You suggest going to his or her home for a drink.
You say goodnight with a wonderful kiss.
Recommend to meet tomorrow at the same time.
Return at home and call him or her, talking together until morning.
3. 3: After the first date with the person you feel madly in love, what is your next step?
You constantly calling him or her or sending messages with full meaning, to express your interest.
Let one day go and call or send a message to show that you are interested.
Wait until he or she contacts you, to see whether he or she is interested in you.
If he or she calls you the next day, you immediately go out with him or her because you can not hold.
You avoid all contact with him or her, and even if he or she calls you to go out, you let go several days to be available.
4. Immediately after the first date, you go out on his or her own proposal, after a week and spend fantastic time together. What do you do immediately after the end of the second night?
Wait for him/her to suggest you going to his or her house.
You propose to continue this wonderful evening at his or her home.
Ask how he or she looks at you and if he or she wants to have a stable relationship with you.
You spend all night together and the next morning you leave without waking him or her up.
Avoid skilfully getting to his or her home or invite him or her to your house and say goodbye with a kiss.
5. In the endless conversations with the person you just met and you are full in love, you discuss among other…
How much you want to make a family and children immediately.
Your interests and your hobbies.
Gossiping common friends you know.
You always play with insinuations, without moving on to the “action”.
You clear that you are interested in a stable relationship only, in this period.
6. After one or perhaps two wonderful dates, the person you met and you are in love, has not contacted you for one or maybe two weeks, what do you do?
Call or send messages almost every day.
Call or send messages every other day.
Call or send messages after a week has passed.
You do nothing and you move on forgetting about him or her.
You do nothing, and if and when calls you, you go straight out with him or her.
7. How long does it take to fall in bed with the person you're madly in love, but want to love you madly as well and make a stable relationship with him or her?
The very same evening that you meet him or her in order to be unforgettable.
The second night you will go out.
You let a period of one or two weeks to pass during which you will go out with him or her.
Allow to pass a period of one month to make sure that he or she wants you for relationship, not just sex.
Wait until you feel completely ready, whether that happens on the first day of your acquaintance, or after two months.
8. You have started a new relationship and sense that the feelings are mutual. After one month of being together and having a great time, he/she dilutes your meetings and deals more with work or with his
You call him or her every day or send messages asking him or her to meet you.
You let him or her for a couple of days and then call him or her or send messages to meet you.
You too start to deal with your work or with your friends and have no contact with him or her, but go out together when he or she proposes.
After a gap of one or two weeks he or she calls you and you start moaning about where he or she was and that he or she doesn’t care about you enough.
You do nothing and continue your life as if he or she doesn’t exist, moving on, since he or she does not care enough about you.
9. What do you do when the person you are in love, from the first date says or you see it in practice, that he/she is very pressured by his/her work or other obligations and does not have much free time
You want to think that later things will change and will have more free time for you.
Stay in his or her life and you only get together when he or she can and finds time, between his/her full schedule.
You tell him or her that you do not mind to wait and go out when he or she has time, as long as you know that you are together and he or she will not cheat you.
You too find many hobbies, so you won’t miss him or her when you don’t see him or her.
You realize that he or she does not care enough to make room in his or her life for you, and move along, having your heart in your boots.
10. You are more than a month together with the person you're madly in love and he or she has the demand to see you every day, even for a short time. What do you do?
You can’t stand away from him or her and continue to see him or her every day, even for a while.
You want to see him or her as much as possible and arrange to go to his or her house or come to yours every night.
To avoid getting bored, you make sure you get together every other day, but the rest of the days you talk on the phone or exchange messages.
In order not to get bored, you make sure you talk every day on the phone or exchange messages but you only meet from Friday to Sunday.
Because you have other occupations, you make sure to meet when you can both find free time without a lot of phone calls and messages in between.
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