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How “Strong” Is Your Immune System?

If our organism is burdened and weakened, the harmful environmental factors have a free field for action. Only a strong immune system can reduce the risk of external influences and to ensure our continuing HEALTH. Check with this simple test the condition of your immune system and find out how much ...
Diabetes: Are You In Danger?

The hereditary but also the way of life or obesity encourage the appearance of the disease, which its existence we ignore for years. However, the diabetes can put at great risk the health of all the organs to our body. The test below will help you, check out how much you are in danger.
How Good Is Your Health In General?

The average life may have been increased, but the question is how well we live all these years. Therefore, we must be aware of our overall health and physical state.
How Well Do You Sleep?

Sleep is one of the basic “tools” to build a strong and healthy organism. If we deprive ourselves from sleep, we become more irritable, nervous and risk our health. Unfortunately, more and more people complain that they lack of sleep.
How Healthy Are Your Eating Habits?

The imperative need of consuming fruits, vegetables and in general, fibers have turned into consciousness. Nevertheless, the percentage of obesity is increasing because our diet is highly consistent of salt, sugar and fat.
How Fit Are You?

We all need to do 30 minutes of exercise a day, but few do. What is the result? Obesity is winning ground and with it different forms of cancer and heart diseases. In any case, whoever passed from idleness to everyday work out has decreased the risk of developing certain illnesses.
How Stressed Are You?

A little stress can do good, after all. It gives us incentives and keeps our abilities in “shape”. Too much of it, though can cause irreparable damage in our health. Everyday pressure in our WORK, home and finance problems can create such an intense anxiety that can affect our health but also the ...
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