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What Is The Type Of Man You Are Searching For?

Have you been alone for quite some time? How well do you know yourself and what you really want? Do you think you can recognize the man of your dreams only by his appearance with a mere glimpse, or do you need something more? The external appearance may not be everything, but one thing is for certain, and that is that nothing really happens if the first impression is not the best. But are you looking for some other external and some other internal characteristics of a man? Are your preferences in conflict, and do you really want other things from a man while getting something else in the end by the choices you are making? Answer the questions in this test-quiz we give you below and discover who the ideal man is for you at first sight in order to recognize him when you meet him. Choose the external characteristics of his appearance when you see it in a man.
10 Questions
from 1. to 5th question
1. His hands are:
Short and muscular.
Thin and generally fragile.
Sporty and in general large.
2. His eyes are:
Probably smiling.
Large and tender.
He has a dark piercing look.
3. His hair is:
Very short, with a clean neck.
Long and up to the shoulders.
Silky and up to the neck.
4. The chest is:
More soft.
Masculine and hairy.
Muscular and tanned.
5. The buttocks are:
Muscular and tanned.
Rather soft.
Masculine and hairy.
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