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Clothing Accessories: Accessorize Yourself Right

The fashion world is changing consistently, these days. Keeping up win this pace is quite difficult for fashion conscious people, these days. In earlier days, only women were known to keep up with the latest trends of fashion, these days. However, things have changed a lot these days. Modern men have started paying special attention to their appearance, personality and attire. Fashion is not just about wearing clothes. One also requires accessorizing clothes in a right manner. There is a whole range of accessories available on the market for men, these days.
Wool fashion scarves: Woolen fashion statements that help you keep warm

Winters are fun. The season comes with a lot of new things and experience for people across the globe. Woolen fabrics are in great demand during winters. These garments helps a lot in keeping people warm and cozy when it is chilling outside. One of the most demanded outfits during winters are woolen scarves and stoles. These offer warmth to the body and allow one to feel extremely comfortable during cold months of the year.
Vintage Eyeglasses: Eyewear as Prescription Glasses and Fashion Statement

Vintage eyeglasses are known to offer the best of designs and styles to the wearer. These are available both as sunglasses and eye glasses. These eye-wears are perfect for you to wear both as prescription glasses or a style statement. Most of the so-called ‘Vintage’ eyeglasses available on the market are not real vintage glasses. In fact, these glasses are imitations of similar styles prevalent in the older era such as the 1950, 60s, 70s and 80s.
Jute Handbags: Environment Friendly Bags in Fashion

The world and its inhabitants require being conscious about maintaining the environment. Going green is the latest mantra. This is also the reason that most manufactures and business owners focus on producing products that do not harm the environment in any way. Just bags are known to be one of the most popular options for those who are looking for environment friendly hand bag. These bags are known for their price and utility. Jute is actually a fiber that is derived from plants. It is also an affordable choice.
Peplum for everyone to be in fashion - Whether you want to be classy, sassy, glam, rock or simply chic

First created in the late 40s by the designer Christian Dior, by adding some extra- fabric to the waistline of the jackets, peplum was brought back into the front line last fall by Giambattista Valli. And there’s no wonder why it has been so successful and quite addictive since then as it’s emphasizing everyone who wears it. Peplum is a masterpiece and a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe. Therefore, we now present you the whole peplum concept and how to wear it.
The Native Passion for Clutches

I don't know if it's written in our DNA, stars or attained from our mothers, but I think I make no mistake when I state that we all have an authentic weakness for bags and espesially clutches. We are passionate about them, fascinated and we shine like little girls that just received fondants when we add another one in our wardrobes. And how can we not develop an additional passion for the clutches which are the masterpieces, the jewels of the bags! Plus, you can never have too much of them! Just when you said you'll stop, you accidentally pass near a shop window or an add pops you and you fall in love, again!
London Fashion Week: First Plus-Size Show

While at London debut the Fashion Week, at the same time in the British district Shroeditch took place another kind of event. The designers, models and bloggers gathered for celebrating the inauguration of the Fashion Week for Plus-Size Models. The event, first of this kind from Great Britain, began with the speech of Jo Swinson, the Minister for women and equality, who considers that the fashion world has lots to learn from this manifestation.
How to wear in fashion the cocktail dress

Nothing compares to the enthusiasm of choosing the perfect dress for a glamorous evening. It's time to ignore the classic Little Black Dress and to adventure yourself to more modern and, why not, more sexy options. Update your evening wardrobe by inspiring from the designers' proposals, which accorded a special attention to the cocktail outfits and increased their attractiveness using precious fabrics, innovative cuts and remarkable details.
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