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How Sexuel You Are?

Are you hungry for sex? Very, little, enough, or not at all? Does your libido have many ups and downs or is it almost always at the same level? Do you know how to raise it or do you believe that you should keep it where it is because it leads you to “dangerous” places? To get clearer results, it is important not only to consider your current situation and how you are functioning in your relationship with your current partner, but also to remember how you functioned in the past and how you would like to operate sexually but for some reasons nowadays you can’t. Solve your doubts by answering the questions from the test that follows.
40 Questions
from 1. to 10th question
1. Have you ever had sex with someone you met the previous night?
2. Have you had sex with two or more partners simultaneously?
3. Up until today, how many sexual partners have you had in total throughout your life?
From 0 to 10.
From 11 to 30.
From 30 and over.
4. Usually, who is the one that takes initiative in making love?
Your partner.
In truns.
5. Do you think about AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases before having sex?
I am asking questions.
6. If your partner masturbates during the sexual act, how do you react?
You are excited by his/her pleasure.
You are sad.
You don’t say anything, but you are troubled.
You insult him/her for something else.
7. You are required to sleep in the same house with the partner of your best friend. What happens?
If he/she provokes you, you don’t say “no”.
Whatever you feel or he/she feels, you put your friendship above all.
You suggest playing Scrabble in order for you both to focus your attention to something else.
8. Your best friend suggests that you try to experience homosexual sex. You ...
Get angry with him/her.
Accept you are curious, but because it was suggested by that person.
Politely explain that you do not want to.
You confess that it was something you have wanted to try.
9. Masturbation is for you:
Something you do when you don’t have a partner for sex.
A real pleasure in solitary moments.
A normal and satisfactory way to appease the excitement you feel.
10. Do you like “inappropriate” movies?
Once in a while when you happen to find one on TV.
You go to the cinema to see a similar film.
You rent a DVDs in your area.
You find no interest in them.
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