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Are You Really Ready And Able To Meet Happiness?

Happiness is the aim of everyone, but some are literally cut out for it. Not because they are lucky and everything comes to them conveniently and easy to their lives, but they have the ability, whatever the conditions that prevail each time in their lives, to draw something positive. In other words, they have found the true meaning of happiness. What about you? Do you feel happy or have you concluded that there is no happiness? Do you belong to the category of people that experience the feeling of happiness only in moments of perfection and idyllic, or you state as generally happy people, even in difficult situations? Does all these elements inside you exist and makes you draw happiness even from hard conditions? How well do you know yourself? Discover by answering the questions in our test.
10 Questions
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1. For you life is worth when you can...
Enjoy the things you like.
Breathe and exist.
2. You stuck in traffic near your work and in a quarter begin a meeting in which you must present your new proposal. What you do:
Overly-stressed you park on the roadside and run on foot to get on time.
You lose your courage and resign from the expectations you had.
Listen to your favourite music while waiting patiently.
Thinking that if you miss it, you will arrange to postpone the meeting for another day.
3. Arriving unexpectedly at the home of your friends you feel that your presence is not welcome. What do you say?
Somebody said something against me?
Well, tell me immediately what is your complain about me.
Since you have long faces, you will never see me again.
Did something happened that I could help.
4. You are neither angel nor demon, and so you have to correct some errors committed in the past. How do you feel at this phase?
When you think about them, even today you suffer from insomnia.
You hope that someday you will fix it.
You think that have brought you misery.
You've forgotten about them and buried them once and for all.
5. After your work, walking down the street and your mind flying to your vacation, you meet a lively and happy group of tourists. With what would you compare them?
With a flock of wild birds.
With a flock of geese.
Like a hive.
With a nest full of sparrows.
6. Returning home you find your front door scratched. You think...
It's a job of someone unknown.
It is a sign for thieves.
It was scratched during transporting bulky furniture.
There was an attempt of burglary.
7. You tried to ski and ended up with a plaster on your leg. How would you describe yourself?
An Ox.
Failed skier.
Red Cross.
A terror on ski run.
8. The world is for you...
A blue planet.
A vast jungle.
A huge rally.
A theatre.
9. Who or what is considered the cause of your errors:
You chromosomes.
Your family.
10. Your childhood was for you...
A lost paradise.
A comfortable and cosy nest.
A conspiracy, the victim of which was you.
A total of experiences.
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