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What Attracts Others Towards You?

Every person, apart from their External Appearance, the degree of intelligence, education or character, has something unique to their personality that attracts others. Some fascinate others with their good manners, some with their wit, others with the way they approach people. Do you know what is that something you have that first moves the attention and interest and attracts others towards you? Do you know why people fall in love with you or seek your companion? If yes, you don’t have anything to loose but to verify it. If not, find it by answering the questions of our test.
10 Questions
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1. In which palace would you like to live?
In Versailles.
In Buckingham.
In the White House.
In Alhambra.
2. If you wanted to plant a tree for “good luck”, which one would you choose?
A Magnolia.
A Fir.
A Pine tree.
An Hibiscus.
3. You are in Niagara Falls. Which of these words express better the strength and the fieriness of the water?
4. Which geometrical figure would you choose to frame your partner?
5. What do you love most about life?
Your freedom.
Your emotional life.
Your job.
Your friends.
6. You run into someone that makes you sick, but he or she has canny intentions towards you. What do you say to him or her?
To get lost.
To get washed.
Nothing, because it frightens you.
To seek someone to help him or her to improve as a person.
7. Walking in the forest you come across a very handsome man or beautiful woman.
You start thinking about him or her every day and night.
You forget him or her immediately.
You think you have seen an illusion.
You decide to do everything in your hands to find him or her.
8. If you were a hero of a fairy tale, which one would you like to be?
A princess or a princesses.
An alien.
A therapist.
A star.
9. If someone offered you something out of gratitude, how would you take it?
As a gift.
As an extortion-profiteer.
As a fair reward.
As a mistake.
10. An old friend invites you to dinner. What do you wear?
A black very sexy dress, if you are a woman, a costume that suits you better, if you are a man.
Your jeans, as usual.
A sports outfit.
An elegant clothe.
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