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Are Your Relations Equivaltent Or Are You Constantly “Beneath”?

It is scientifically documented that in each couple one of them is continuously “beneath”. As long as, the democratic processes are abided, no matter how fairly things are shared, how equal the relationship is and even if mutual concessions are made, finally the last word in a relationship has only one of them. Usually are the most powerful and bossy or the one that can convince most the other with the wisdom of his or her views and decisions. Often the one that seems to be on “top” in a relationship rests assure, but it is actually on “beneath”. In your case do you know what's going on? Confirm or discover, by answering to the questions of our test.
10 Questions
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1. You wake up and try to convince your partner to finally get out off bed, but he has no intension for doing that. What do you do?
You put the music too loud, do all kinds of loud noises, shake the bed, jump up and down on the mattress or nothing?
You wide open the windows and leave the inside of the bedroom exposed in the eyes of the neighbours.
Call his or her mother and ask her to force him or her to wake up.
2. You are vegetarian and can not tolerate the carnivorous tastes of your partner. Therefore...
You refuse to sit at the table before he or she eats all the meat.
You jam the food in the fridge so he or she can not find the meat.
You try to convince him or her that soy burgers are tastier and healthier than the burgers minced.
3. For New Year's Eve you are dreaming of staying alone with him or her while he or she wants all his or her friends with him or her. What do you do?
Take two tickets to Rome taking him or her by surprise.
You make sure to see and see again all your friends before the end of the year.
Every night you start a conversation with the phrase “How nice time we spend with each other…”
4. You would like a child and he or she counter-propose to get a dog. You...
Take his or her word's literal and adopt at first a dog and you think “We will see for later”.
Every night you get a DVD from the video club of your neighbourhood with plays like “Three Men and a Baby”.
You tell him or her “no kids, no caresses” and sever the sex. Abstinence, you are thinking, is a powerful weapon.
5. He or she gets obsessed to change your hair style. How do you react?
You promise him or her to have them changes if he or she first looses10 pounds.
You are trying to convince him or her that your hair looks good as they are.
Let him or her insist. Nobody decides for you.
6. You can’t stand his or her bad habit of throwing his or her thing around.
You decide to toss in the garbage anything that is not in its place.
You oblige him or her, sometimes with good and then in a bad way, to pick up his or her stuff.
Do exactly the same with your own things to give him or her a lesson.
7. He or she informs you that his or her parents have complained that they do not see you often. What is your answer?
Your parents should have more children.
At their age they can get used to all situations.
Lets go see them tomorrow?
8. He or she insist right and you left. None of you back down, and the tension between you grows increasingly.
You tell him/her that whoever loves you follows you.
You boggle in front of the deadlock, not knowing if the right or the left end is correct.
You tell him or her to do what he or she wants, but you will not follow him or her.
9. You are down the dumps and he or she is exceedingly happy. What do you do?
Can you finally stop laughing like an idiot?
The more you look at him or her, the more you get depressed.
You are thinking: How pathetic are people who feel happy without knowing why!
10. You decided to start exercising and he or she began teasing. What do you do?
Let him or her mock. He or she will remain with a tummy while I regain my form.
He or she won’t be so amused, when I will beat him or her in wrestling.
You tell him or her that he or she has absolutely no idea, to challenge him or her.
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