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13 Steps to a New Relationship

"It was beautiful, but it's over" - we all heard or used this line, but no matter how though it would be in that moment, we move on! In addition, we have to make place in our souls for a new "one". If you broke up recently, don't stay isolated. It is normal not to always be your best variant, but you must be visible. Go out for walks and socialize with your friends. The old relationship is in the past and you have in front of you the future. Make the best of it!
10 Signs He Is a Disaster in Bed

Did you ever have a strong crush for a charming guy, but, when you finally got in bed, you have found out he is a disaster? Well, read the article above to find out which are the clues that can get you out of trouble next time! Too clumsy Do you sometimes have the impression he has no idea what to do with his hands? We are talking about that posture when he stays uptight, with his hands glued to his body, looking like a penguin and he seems to trip with every move he makes.
7 Things Never To Do During Love Making

The truth is, bedroom is a sort of Vegas: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. No judgments or inhibitions are allowed. However, there are a few things that might really spoil the fun during love making.
Top 10 Movies for Romantic Nights

In order to fully enjoy our love life, we have to put sensuality and romance in our service. Moreover, the best love and romantic life doesn't include boredom, but only creative ideas. gives you an idea for 10 great nights with your partner! We present you the top 10 best artistic movies, with famous and awarded actors, which are also extremely romantic.
6 Types of Making Love

The "Making Love" topic fascinates people continuously and, although we may have sometimes the impression that everything was said about it, the researchers always find a good starting point to studies and analysis exploring human sexuality. Naturally, this is the case of the American specialist in philosophy, Dr. Caroline J. Simon, from Hope College. What is it about? Last year, she synthetized 6 perspectives about sex in the volume "Bringing Making Love into Focus".
3 Signs Your Relationship Is In Danger

Being in a long term relationship is a great achievement, but it requires constant work. And, after a while, when all the sparks and bubbles have disappeared, difficulties might intervene. Fortunately, every problem has a solution! Read the most important 3 signs that shout out your relationship is in danger.
Important Things about Men and Love That You Should Know

There are situations when we don't know at all how to behave near a man. Luckily, psychologists reveal to us some of the manly thinking. Here are 3 important things that you have to know about any man. - Men are more sensitive than you think For women, it is very hard to believe, but, statistically speaking, for men it is harder to bear the end of a relationship.
Love and Romance

When we were small, we used to fall asleep hearing our mother telling us fairy tales in which Prince Charming was going through fire and water for saving the chosen one, he took her on a white horse, they were getting married and lived happily ever after. So, we started our love life having fairy tales expectations, but with a contemporary décor. Freud would've said that it's normal, taking into consideration that the character is built during the early years. Surprise! but, we all found out that things are not exactly like this… Love does not always include romance or it does, but temporary! This is the rule for most of the couples, nowadays. According to a study, intense, romantic love last for about one year and a half, but not more than 3 years.
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