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The "Making Love" topic fascinates people continuously and, although we may have sometimes the impression that everything was said about it, the researchers always find a good starting point to studies and analysis exploring human sexuality.

Naturally, this is the case of the American specialist in philosophy, Dr. Caroline J. Simon, from Hope College.

What is it about?

Last year, she synthetized 6 perspectives about sex in the volume "Bringing Making Love into Focus".


You wonder what was the point?

The purpose of this study was not at all splitting population on “sex labels”, but helping to identify easier the issues of a couple.

Some of them are compatible or it can be adjusted to please both of the partners, but some are so different that the verdict is clear and there is no point in struggling

In fact, the theory seems plausible since
our nature is also reflected on our sexual personality.

Here they are:

Making Love as vow

Practically, in this case, the act is regarded as a fuel for maintaining a close connection between the members of a lifetime couple.

Procreative Making Love

According to this vision, the act is always the result of a profound love and the partners should be faithful only on the duration of love.

Making Love as pleasure

In this specific case, the connection between love and making love is considered old fashioned. Practically, the sexuality has as an atribute finding the intense pleasure and this is agreed by the two partners.

Making Love as power

From this point of view, the supreme desire is the one-way possession. This explains the link between making love and violence that may intervene.

Making Love as expression

In this situation, sexuality is the essence of one's well-being and inhibitions are not at all natural.

Procreative Making Love

From this point of view, the only purpose of act is bringing a child on this world.

"I don't try to tell everything about sexuality, but only to point those things that people don't say out loud. Practically, the visions that people have regarding making love, which are sometimes opposite, are not too shared or discussed"
, said Dr. Simon.

"That is why we shouldn't be surprised why suffering sometimes occurs in a couple, when there are no similar expectations in what concerns sexuality."

The conclusion?

Being different and getting to the point of realizing the incompatibility is not a sin and we shouldn't blame the one near us so quick. Sometimes, there is no intention of harming, but only incompatibility.

Still, knowing our body and mind and communicating it would make things easier.


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