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"It was beautiful, but it's over" - we all heard or used this line, but no matter how though it would be in that moment, we move on! In addition, we have to make place in our souls for a new "one".


If you broke up recently, don't stay isolated.

It is normal not to always be your best variant, but you must be visible.

Go out for walks and socialize with your friends

The old relationship is in the past and you have in front of you the future.

Make the best of it!

Do new things!

Don't fall into your fridge or bar - you won't find happiness, but quite the opposite.

In this period,
you need to raise your self-esteem, so it's the perfect time to start a new fitness program or any other physical/ creational leisure.

Now that you are improving your self-esteem,
you should remember your dreams, the dream that are only yours and not related to man, and to start acting for transforming them into reality.You don't have to wait Prince Charming to ring to your door.

Go out, have fun and flirt.

Be open to opportunities!

Well, there is no exact recipe for forgetting him.
Be patient and when a hurtful memory comes to your mind, stop it!

Learn to have control over your mind.

The moment for the first date: don't exaggerate.

Be natural, speak opened about your passions and listen to him. Find the common interests.No one is perfect, but we have to choose someone of whom flaws we can tolerate or it can be corrected.

Don't be too intransigent, but not too permissive.

Try not to change the way of thinking of someone because on long term, that is impossible.

Each person is different so don't make comparisons between him and your ex (not even in your mind, not to mention saying it out loud during a date).

Take into consideration the fact that contrasts are attracted. So, don't get scared if you are attracted by someone who seems to be from another movie.

You will find out in time the common passions and interests.

Naturally, if two people like each other and they start to discover their selves, things begin to seem normal.

Don't push it

You can also say that you will start knowing your new partner only after you've been through many experiences, bad and good.

The moment of sex.

There is no recipe or schedule for this step. Each couple feels when the moment is right.

So, let things happen by their natural course.
Now that you are transforming into a real couple, stay away from long-term plans. Instead, make plans for short terms and often - this is the key of successful relationships.

Last, but not least,
savor the moment and the let the fears away, or you will miss the entire joy and fun!






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