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Author: St. Pan
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Did you ever have a strong crush for a charming guy, but, when you finally got in bed, you have found out he is a disaster? Well, read the article above to find out which are the clues that can get you out of trouble next time!

Too clumsy

Do you sometimes have the impression he has no idea what to do with his hands? We are talking about that posture when he stays uptight, with his hands glued to his body, looking like a penguin and he seems to trip with every move he makes.


He kisses awfully.

The typical scenario is this:

He runs to you like a greedy little boy and mashes your lips, long and bold, just like in a silent film? However, no matter what type of bad kisser is he, even the sexpert series character Samantha Jones says that "a bad kisser is non-negotiable"!

Unattractive hands

Well, if his palms seem rather made for rough activities than for tenderness, or if you look terrified to them as you think what non-sexual they would move on you, dump him.

It's not about the size or shape of the hands, but what they inspire to you.

Too apathetic

Well, having near you a guy who has no idea about everything and he can't have the slightest initiative, being, overall, apathetic, then you should find out that he won't be different in bed.

He will let you make all the decisions, come with all the ideas and scenarios.

Too desperate

Well, a desperate guy loses his minds if he sees you near another man (no matter if he's your colleague who just asked something related strictly to work), he checks you from 5 to 5 minutes and, if you don't answer, he gives you pathetic messages, thinking you've decided to dump him.

Sounds good?

Too bossy

Well, this is exactly the opposite of the apathetic one.

In bed, he will only do his way and you won't be allowed to add a syllabus.

He can't handle the condom

This was acceptable back in high school, when we were at the beginning of the road.

But, at the grownups section this is not acceptable!

He's all talk

This guy will flirt with you and look promising, but when it comes to explore hotter areas, he backs off like a girly-girl.

He's a bully

He brags about his masculinity too much, about how genius he is and what a women expert he is?

Well, he's the opposite of what he claims!


He suggests you to meet only near he's house, if possible right in front his apartment, and, even then, he's incredibly late?

Well, you don't want a spoiled princess under your sheets, right?


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