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Being in a long term relationship is a great achievement, but it requires constant work.

And, after a while, when all the sparks and bubbles have disappeared, difficulties might intervene.


Fortunately, every problem has a solution! Read the most important 3 signs that shout out your relationship is in danger.

Long and often fights - the key to a breakup

Fighting from time to time, especially over insignificant topics is normal.

Still, if you get into fights with your boyfriend every time you two meet, it's quite obvious that something is really broke in your relationship.

It is not normal to lose your temper out of nothing and to start a huge fight which follows the whole history of mistakes. Instead,
take time and analyze the situation.

What does really bother you?

In most of the cases, you will see that there are some insignificant misunderstandings, which you can clear up if you are open to communication. In addition to that,
learn to talk with him when something that bothers you comes up, for not letting things to get so tensed, like before.

However, if you get to the conclusion that there is something too big to solve, something that you cannot forget, forgive or indulge, then stop torturing both of you.

Talk to him, see if he can change it, and try to work it out together.

If that's not possible, then end things in a civilized way.

- Dates became a memory

If you remember only after three days that you haven't seen him and/or heard from him, then it's clear:

Your relationship is in danger.

Do you remember those days in which you didn't know how to leave faster from work, to meet him? Or the ones when you were counting the hours until the romantic planned night?

If you can't remember when the last intense, passionate event happened, then it's time to make some changes and to revive your relationship. Take the initiative and insist to
go to a movie or dinner.

In addition,
arrange your house in a romantic way and end the night at your place.

You will restore the intimacy and you will impress him!

- If you are really looking for something bad, you will find it 

Are you constantly making observations to your boyfriend?

No matter if we are talking about his way of talking, dresses, you always find something bad to say? Well, maybe it's time for you to stop. I bet that in most of the cases it’s followed by a fight.

The thing is, if you continue this way, he will retreat, until your relationship will be definitely over.

Learn to accept him and appreciate him!

In conclusion, every relationship has its crisis, but some are more dangerous and threaten with a breakup.

Analyze the problem and try to make a change. Learn from your past mistakes, communicate with your boyfriend and things will return to normal again. 


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