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Author: St. Pan
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The truth is, bedroom is a sort of Vegas: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

No judgments or inhibitions are allowed.

However, there are a few things that might really spoil the fun during love making.


No physical wounds

It is perfectly ok to add a bit of wildness and sometimes the consequences are longer than love making.

Some scratches or marks are acceptable, but not in the visible areas. You don't want your partner to look like he was beaten.

No phone answers

There should be a law to forbid answering the phone while having love making.

No one it is important enough to interrupt this special and intimate moment. Give yourself truly, body and soul, with all the attention.

No confusions

He or you've wronged the name, and then the game is over.

No one should be in the situation of being called like the ex of the actual partner.

No useless stunts

No matter how good diversity is, no one doesn't like to switch positions from 5 to 5 seconds
, so try as much as you can to maintain a rhythm that is proper for both of you and to switch at normal intervals.

It requires time to adjust and enjoy the best of a new position.

No falsity

A couple should not completely transform during love making.

Two people loving each other unconditionally who change radically in attitude and behavior while having love making might get imbalanced.

Of course, the rule is not applying when having a role play. In addition, don't fake the orgasm. You will both know it and it won't be ok. Communicate, see where the problem is and solve it.

No unexpected leaves

Ok, so you've finished the love making and enjoyed.

Now, everybody must hold on their positions! The love making is an intimate one. Therefore, it would be extremely ugly to get dressed and leave after you've solved "the problem".

Remain a little longer and cuddle, tender. Don't cut so quick the intimate energy between you.

No coldness and distance, but affection and passion

Even if it might sound cheesy and a cliché, a simple kiss can transmit so many during love making.

Show your love and prove yourself that you value yourselves beyond the carnal desires.

Also, don’t be completely silenced during love making. We don’t propose you to talk about the bills or work, but a simple interjection, “Yes!” or any other kind of cheer is always welcomed!

In conclusion, even if there are no specific boundaries to how you should be in bed, there are some good sense rules for both having a great time and not hurting anyone’s feelings.


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