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In order to fully enjoy our love life, we have to put sensuality and romance in our service.

Moreover, the best love and romantic life doesn't include boredom, but only creative ideas.

We give you an idea for 10 great nights with your partner!


We present you the top 10 best artistic movies, with famous and awarded actors, which are also extremely romantic.  

Last Tango in Paris

Considered by many people one of the best romantic movies ever made

Last Tango in Paris reveals a rout relationship, based on exacerbated sexuality.

The romantic scenes are hot
, sometimes violent, there are screams, desire, lust, but also romantic - all highlighted in this movie.

Boogie Nights 

This movie represents the diary of a porn star.

It has been awarded with 2 Golden Globes and 4 Oscars. It is ideal for watching for couples as it contains both romantic scenes (more preferred by men) and erotic scenes (more preferred by women). 

Body Heat

It reveals the extremely passionate love between a man and a woman.

Love that can't be fully lived because of the marriage in which she's involved. There are extremely hot, full of eroticism, passion, romantic scenes!

Femme Fatale

Laura Ash is a very beautiful and seductive woman.

At seven years after what she's stolen a diamond, she's returning to France with a new identity. A paparazzi, Nicolas (Antonio Banderas) takes a photo of her and puts her life in danger. The movie presents the romantic and seduction games between the two of them.


If you want to discover the aphrodisiac power of chocolate, then you must watch this movie.

You will see how the ingredients manage to change life and mentality, all through romantic.

Dangerous Liaisons

Intrigues, complications and aggressive sexuality.

By watching this movie you will start with your partner a trip full of eroticism, poured with jealousy and revenge. This is a must-see movie!

Basic Instinct

Hot scenes and behaviors dictated by basic instincts.

Powerful scenes of seduction and sexuality that will spice up the atmosphere from your bedroom. 

Eyes Wide Shut

This movie presents a story full of seduction and stars with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

Eyes Wide Shut is very controversial because of its romantic scenes and voyeurism.

Lie with Me

It is a truly incendiary story, with aggressive scenes, which completely change the characters' lives. Watch this movie and see how far sexuality can influence a man's life.

Henry & June

This movie presents the story of writers Anaïs Nin, Henry Miller and his wife, June.

The story is based on the erotic book with the same title and it is inspired from reality.



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