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10 Benefits of making love during Pregnancy

Some couples give up making love during pregnancy, whether due to some myths or superstitions. If your doctor didn't forbid you, then you have no reason for giving up! On the contrary! Making love during pregnancy is very good for you, your baby, your partner and your relationship's health. Here are 10 reasons for going for it!
Cervicitis - The Inflammation of the Cervix

One of the most important and sensitive areas of the body of a woman is the cervix. Covered with a thin mucous membrane, composed of epithelial cells, between the uterus and the vagina, there is the cervix. Because of its sensitivity, the cervix is often the target of several infections, which can lead to the emergence of more serious conditions. Some of the diseases characteristic to cervix are the cervicitis, dysplasia, and cervical ectopy or HPV infections.
Folic Acid - Why Is It Important for Fertile Women?

Folic acid, the synthetic form of vitamin B, is an essential element in the diet of any woman of childbearing age and especially for those who want to become pregnant. If the diet is not sufficiently rich in foods that contain it, the gynecologists recommend taking supplements three months before conception. Folic acid helps in cell regeneration, and most women need it for bringing their babies that are about to come healthy in this world. Because of the fact that the daily diet does not provide, in most of the cases, the optimal dose, or it is not being absorbed efficiently by the body from the natural sources, when planning to become pregnant the women are advised to start taking supplements (in the form of vitamins, pills) a few months before the conception and to continue taking them during the first trimester of pregnancy.
Big breasts Ė A health problem for women

Most women want big breasts and although it is hard to believe, there are women who have these breasts, but need a surgery for making them smaller, because they have become unaesthetic, cause them back or shoulder pain, difficulty in breathing, skin irritation beneath the breasts, skeletal deformities and chronic breathing disorders. Itís hard to believe it, isnít it? For these women it is recommended breast reduction surgery.
All about Retroverted Uterus

The health of the reproductive apparatus is essential, especially when a couple plans a pregnancy. The suspicion of diagnose of retroverted uterus can seem worrying. tells you everything about the retroverted uterus. What is the retroverted uterus? Normally, the uterus is inclined forwards, on the urinary bladder, this position being named anteverted. This is the most frequent and the best, but some women have another position, inclined backwards. In this case, the uterus is named retroverted, tilted or tipped. Yet, retroversion is not a disease and, generally, it is not alarming. According to the statistics, approximately 20% of the women have it. The causes of retroverted uterus In most of the cases, the retroverted uterus is congenital.
Get Rid of Cystitis!

One in two women suffers from urinary infection, which often repeats indefinitely. But as it is painful and uncomfortable as it can be treated quickly. reveals you some simple tricks worthy of your trust. First, you need to know that cystitis mostly affects women, and that is for anatomical reasons: unlike them, men have longer urethra, which allows more effective protection. It's okay though, because we have new methods as simple as possible and convenient!
FAQ about In Vitro Fertilization

So, you have decided to have an IFV for getting pregnant, but you have lots of questions about how it works? has the answers for you! How long the egg collection lasts? The egg retrieval operation is a fairly quick procedure. Unfortunately, the amount of time depends on the number of present follicles. Also, the ovaries accessibility (meaning how easy you can reach them by using an ultrasound probe) it will influence the procedure. When using the probe, they tend to move around. The average time is 20-30 minute. Is the retrieval procedure painful?
7 Mistakes of Intimate Health that Woman Do

You never play with your health and you always treat seriously every problem? It seems that even so, you are liable to make some mistakes, without even knowing it. You exaggerate with your intimate shower At the vagina's level, there are plenty of healthy bacteria that protect you from the bad ones. It is a self-cleaning method that our body has. Using harsh products can damage it. The best is to use a special one, for intimate areas. You don't doubt the result of the mammography If you trace a node and after mammography the doctor says you are ok, it is best to ask for an ultrasound.
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