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Author: Tin Pan
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You never play with your health and you always treat seriously every problem? It seems that even so, you are liable to make some mistakes, without even knowing it.

You exaggerate with your intimate shower

At the vagina's level, there are plenty of healthy bacteria that protect you from the bad ones. It is a self-cleaning method that our body has.

Using harsh products can damage it

The best is to use a special one, for intimate areas.

You don't doubt the result of the mammography

If you trace a node and after mammography the doctor says you are ok, it is best to ask for an ultrasound.

The ultrasounds
are highly recommended to women that didn't reach menopause because the breasts tissue is denser and at mammography it can be harder to trace any anomaly.

You ignore the menstrual changes

A normal menstruation is translated with what it is normal to you. The subtle changes, such as a shorter menstruation or a denser one can be absolute normal because you can blame it on alimentation.

Still, if the menstruation is totally different, such as more abundant or almost inexistent, even if this happens one time, you must address to your gynecologist.

You quit any medication during pregnancy

There are some medications that don't represent a danger for your baby's health.
Medications for diarrhea, indigestions or antihistamines can be administrated during pregnancy.Aspirin and ibuprofen are the ones that you must avoid!

You think that vaginal infections are not transmissible

The truth is you partner can take from you the vaginal infection through sexual contact, without having a symptom. So, if you frequently confront with one, the best is to ask your partner to go for an examination.

If he has it, you should both follow the treatment.

You think that your weight isn't related with your intimate health

If you are thin and you have a too low weight
for your age, then this will probably reflect over your menstruation, by becoming an irregular one, or even absent.

Of course,
a too high adipose tissue can influence the production of estrogen ant, therefore, the risk of having breast cancer or uterine one is higher.

Keep it balanced!

You trust 100% your gynecologist

Given the fact that a doctor has an increased number of patients a day,
he can miss some details.

Make sure you tell him everything that has been changed, even if for you it seems useless; don't wait for him to ask you billions of questions. He may forget or miss the inspiration for in those minutes. After all, he is human.

If the problem is still there, after he treated you, ask a second opinion to another doctor.


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