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Medical tattoos as an efficient methods of unconventional treatments

Medical tattoo (or micro-pigmentation or dermic implant or dermal-graphic) represents one of the most modern and efficient methods of unconventional treatments for: - Correcting definitive scars, stretch marks and any kind of depigmentation - Shape and color of the brows, eyebrows, lips - Semi-permanent jewels for skin Practically, any modification of color that appeared on your skin can be dimmed through this technique.
Vitamin D – Why is good for us

Did you know that vitamin D shouldn't be taken by chance and that their derivatives act differently once arrived in the body? So, find out that vitamin D3 gives more benefits to your health that his relative, vitamin D2, according to a recent discovery at Biotechnology and Biological Science Research Council from Great Britain. Vitamin D is an essential element for bones and muscles health and specialists are worried about the fact that exposing to sun doesn't assure a sufficient amount.
The Health Guide for Models Has Been Launched

The members of the Council of Fashion Designers of America launched an updated set of rules for models, right before New York Fashion Week. The New principles of fashion world invoke a healthy lifestyle, having the main goal to guide the models to a healthy lifestyle... One of the most important changes (in the form of a ban) was brought in terms of age: no model under the age of 16 years will be permitted to attend Fashion Week. President of the "Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) - Diane von Furstenberg along with the CEO, Steven Kolb, said: "The Council of Fashion Designers of America will continue to send this message:” Health means beauty and diversity” to which we will remain loyal not only during the Fashion Week, but throughout the year." "Fashion Week" became a commanding voice and gained the power to influence billions of people across the globe, so you should not underestimate the consequences of the messages that we send to you.
Viruses and Bacteria Become Resistant to Antibiotics

Cystitis is an infection of the urinary tract, caused by bacteria and affects, generally, women, one woman of two having this affection. Although it can be simple to treat, recent cases of illness bring novelty: it seems that the bacteria become resistant to the antibiotics treatment which leads to new medical measures. A group of researchers in antimicrobial from the University of Birmingham warned that, in case another weapon won't be created to fight against these pathogens, we will fight with the threatening of an untreatable infection. Also, they said that people should be aware of the fact that strains resistant to antibiotics can lead to quite hard, maybe even untreatable, to treat diseases. Moreover, a reason why they don't realize how serious this fight can be is because many people already got used to treat their infections with antibiotics.
Wonder Foods for Preventing Diabetes in your health

According to a recent study, people who consume a daily moderate amount of curry can prevent illness from diabetes, even if they are at increased risk of acquiring the disease or because of lifestyle either because of genetic inheritance. Curcumin The research, conducted in Thailand and published in Diabetes Care, took place over nine months on 240 adults with increased risk of diabetes in the near future (they were presenting high blood sugar, which could lead to Type II diabetes). They were divided into two camps: those who daily consumed amount of curcumin (one of the ingredients curry spice) and others who consumed a placebo.
Your biological clock gives you clues about your health issues

The circadian rhythm is a cycle of approximately 24 hours of biochemical, physiological and behavioral processes. This appears at every being: animals, plants and even the primitive organisms such as bacteria or fungus. So, nature made right from the start a clear arrangement in all the living systems, which must be respected. In case of other species, outwards humans, this rhythm functions perfectly. At human beings, things can impair very easily and this in their disadvantage. The reason? People have the capacity of consciously ignoring their body, which bring them in the situation of not functioning optimally, biologically speaking.
Fighting baldness: How To Be successful

When it comes to fighting baldness the market is loaded with good amount of so-called miracle pills, oil, equipments and treatments. You must have many times tempted by commercials that promise you treat baldness stop hair fall and regrowth of hair. However, most of these commercials and infomercials are just promotional tactics. These companies may just run away after fleecing money from you.
Olive It Up: Secret To Fight Bad Cholesterol

If you want to keep your heart healthy and functioning, it is important to reduce LDL or bad cholesterol. A lot has been said and written about ingredients that increases the level of bad cholesterol in the body. According to a common notion, it is said that oil enhances the level of cholesterol in the body. However, there is little truth in this statement. When it comes to olive oil consumption on a regular basis, bad cholesterol levels in the body is reduced.
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