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Author: Tin Pan
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The health of the reproductive apparatus is essential, especially when a couple plans a pregnancy.

The suspicion of diagnose of retroverted uterus can seem worrying. tells you everything about the retroverted uterus.


What is the retroverted uterus?

Normally, the uterus is inclined forwards, on the urinary bladder, this position being named anteverted.

This is the most frequent and the best,
but some women have another position, inclined backwards. In this case, the uterus is named retroverted, tilted or tipped.

Yet, retroversion is not a disease and, generally, it is not alarming. According to the statistics, approximately 20% of the women have it.

The causes of retroverted uterus

In most of the cases, the retroverted uterus is congenital.

In other cases, the retroverted uterus might appear at any age because of some factors that modify the uterus' position.Therefore, a uterus initially positioned normal
can become retroverted after a pregnancy that weakened the ligaments, which cannot sustain anymore the uterus. Uterine retroversion can be caused by the existence of a fibroma or especially at women passed 40.

Other causes are the
surgeries in that area, endometriosis, fibrosis, and chronic pelvic infections - reasons that cause adhesions that cause on their turn the ligaments to be hard and short; hence, the uterus has no longer the support he needs for staying in this position.

chronic constipation, walking on very high heels or running on though surfaces determine the weakness of ligaments.

The symptoms of retroverted uterus

Usually, a retroverted uterus is not betrayed by specific symptoms.

Despite this,
some women accused feelings of weight in their abdominal area before and during their periods and pains during sexual acts.

Some of the symptoms might appear
during pregnancy:

Starting with the 18th week
, if you have retroverted uterus, you might feel strong pains, because, as the baby grows, the uterus will start rising in the anteverted position.

Diagnose and treatment of retroverted uterus

The simplest way of diagnosing is
the gynecologic consult.

Still, we have to mention that, generally, the retroverted uterus is not treated.

If it is not congenital, the causes will be treated.

Despite this, the
surgery can be taken into consideration if the discomfort is too big. Also, with the help of pelvic and uterine massage, Kegel exercises and pilates,the uterine flexibility can be amplified and the adhesions be reduced.

This thing will also reduce (or even to eliminate) all the inconvenient symptoms and to remove the fertility issues.

The retroverted uterus and the fertility

The retroverted uterus is not responsible for infertility or spontaneous abortion.

Although, many time it was believed that retroverted uterus is not compatible with obtaining on natural ways a pregnancy, studies and reality proved the contrary.

Still, the retroverted uterus
can affect fertility in some way, because the spermatozoon will get harder into the uterus and, afterwards, in the fallopian tube, where the conceiving takes place.

this thing can be influenced by choosing some more advantageous sex positions.

In the end, there is a solution for everything.

If you have a retroverted uterus, make some detailed tests for making sure that not an infection or anything else caused it and make special exercises like Kegel or Pilates.


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