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What to eat if you want to get pregnant

You dream yourself a mommy? Well, besides a balanced lifestyle combined with sport, the experts advise us to eat some food that is claimed to stimulate fertility. So, leave out the fries, burgers, cookies and fill your plate with: Vegetal proteins Peas, green beans, peanuts - here some food associated with the increase of fertility.
Defeat Stress with the Perfect Diet

Although apparently there is no connection between stress and what we eat, in reality, too much stress affects the health and what we eat can stress our organism. In addition, more and more people are affected by stress and they are constantly looking for solutions to win the fight against this pathological condition. All the strategies for diminishing of defeating stress have the name of "stress management". presents you one of the most efficient strategies - the diet, in other words - what you eat.
How to Lose Weight After 40 – Diet after 40

After a certain age, it begins to get harder to lose the kilos you’ve accumulated over the years with daily routine. So we’ve prepared seven advices about how you can lose weight after 40 years old and what works in the battle with kilograms.
The Secret Food Diet Formula to Get Rid of Fat in 7 Days

You want to lose weight from your belly, legs or arms? Whatever your problem area is, we have a secret formula that combines two ingredients specifically targeting the fat that gives you trouble. Want to lose weight from your belly Belly fat is extremely stubborn and is closely related to stress. Fat belly is the easiest to gain and the hardest to lose because abdominal fat is your body's emergency reserve, the one which is appealed only in extreme situations. And when you're stressed, your body does not give up to this fat believing that this is a crisis.
The Legitimate Variant of the Rice Diet

The rice diet is a very helpful in detoxifying the body because it eliminates the excess of water and the toxins. This rice diet that I am going to tell you about is the legitimate version of those weird weight loss recipes that start on full moon and ends with a glass of plain water and a few grains of raw rice let overnight in it. The true thing is, rice is a food rich in protein, minerals, vitamins and starch and therefore it is very good for the diet. Rice diet not only let you feel less hungry, but allows you eating permissive amount of food than other diets. The rice diet promotes eating fruits and vegetables, providing a version of losing weight full of vitamins, minerals and fiber.
The South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet has shortly recorded a great success right after its conception, even between specialists (which, everyone knows, are really hard to please). "The daddy" of South Beach Diet is not a nutritionist, as you would expect to hear, but a cardiologist, Dr. Arthur Agatson. It all started when Dr. Agatson felt the need to compose a diet designed to help his patients to improve their hearts health. But in time, the positive effects noticed at them were extended to their weight, specifically they found out that the weight loss in patients who were on this diet was considerable and without experiencing the yo-yo effect. That is why the South Beach Diet is falsely called a diet today. Unlike the Atkins diet, the South Beach can become a lifestyle, and, I might add, a healthy life style.
Positive Thinking - The Best Way to Lose Weight

We annually spent large amounts of money for the gym's memberships, on consultations with various nutritionists and every time we start more and more complex diets. The problem actually lies not in what food we eat or how many times we go to the gym, but in the way we think. Pretty surprisingly, right?
Diet based on carbohydrates

Who says that there are no diets based on carbohydrates? The experts in nutrition highlight the importance of essentials carbohydrates for the organism and the fact that some of them really help for the accelerated burning of the fat. Some carbohydrates contain a substance named resistant starch, which, if consumed in larger quantities, helps at losing weight. Unlike other diets which starves you and wick your organism, the diet based on carbohydrates is efficient on long term.
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