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Author: St. Pan
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Although apparently there is no connection between stress and what we eat, in reality, too much stress affects the health and what we eat can stress our organism.

In addition, more and more people are affected by stress and they are constantly looking for solutions to win the fight against this pathological condition.

All the strategies for diminishing of defeating stress have the name of "stress management". presents you one of the most efficient strategies - the diet, in other words - what you eat. 

Diet vs. stress:

How does it defeat it? Food can tame stress by many means.

For instance, the so called comfort foods (a bowl of oat flakes) increase the serotonin level, a substance with calming effects.
Other foods can reduce the cortisol level (the stress hormone), the adrenaline level or other types of hormones that are sabotaging your body.

Moreover, a healthy diet plan sustains the immune system and lowers the arterial tension, which, indirectly, defeats stress' impact.

The food that defeat stress

Complex carbs

There is a golden rule that says that all carbs determine your brain to produce more serotonin.

For a constant supply it is recommended to eat complex carbs that are easier and quicker to digest.

Whole grains, bread, pastas and oat flakes - the carbs from these products will give you a general state of well-being because they also have the feature of stabilizing the sugar level from your body.

Simple carbs

Although many nutritionists recommend them for defeating stress, the simple carbs - sweets and drinks -
are not so good if you transform them into habit. You we'll eventually pay a much too high and dangerous bill for your body.


Because they are rich in vitamin C, oranges reduce the level of stress hormones
while consolidating the immune system.


Too little magnesium into your body gives you headaches and fatigue, effects of stress.

That's why a cup of spinach is the shortest way to completing the needed amount of magnesium. From time to time, spinach can be replaced by boiled soy, salmon or vegetables with green leaves.

Fat fish 

Omega 3 and fat acids from fish, like salmon or tuna, can prevent the presence of stress hormones, while protecting heart conditions and mood disorders.

There are recommended 3 portions of fat fish at least twice a week. 

Black tea

A recent study proved that black tea drinkers
(4 cups a day, for 6 weeks) reported calming feelings and lower cortisol level. 


Pistachio and other fruits with woody cover or seeds are efficient and healthy fat suppliers.

Pistachio, nuts and almonds can help in everyday lowering of cholesterol, prevent diabetes and protect you from stress' effects.


Potassium reduces the arterial tension -
half an avocado has more potassium than a banana.

When stress affects your social life a portion of guacamole can also be a healthy alternative.

Raw vegetables 

Crunching celery or carrots helps in liberating tensions and lowering stress' level.


Calcium diminishes anxiety and balances the moody states;
nutritionists recommend skimmed milk.


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