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Author: Tin Pan
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After a certain age, it begins to get harder to lose the kilos you’ve accumulated over the years with daily routine.

So we’ve prepared seven advices about how you can lose weight after 40 years old and what works in the battle with kilograms.

 - Try to get to know your new biorhythm and shape up according to him

Long time ago, an aged woman didn’t necessary mean a chubby one.

Then indeed they had the possibility to work outside in fresh air and you would walk a lot. Nowadays, the women’s excuse is that they do not have time: “I don’t have time to walk there, I prefer the car”, “I don’t have time to go to the gym, I have to buy groceries, to help the kids, to clean the house”.  

After crossing the border of 40 years old, the burning of calories decreases.

Think about the last years, when were you last proud of your body? Try to bring in present time what you used to do then.  

- Adjust your eating habits for maximum energy.

Your goal at this age is to eat properly, so that you feel nourished and not eat as if you are 20.

The doctor’s advice is to eat often, but with every meal to lower the weight of food. Do not forget that breakfast is the most important.

The biggest benefit in eating often is that you maintain you sugar at a constant level.

The rule is to have about five-six meals per day and not stay longer than 4 hours without eating something.

The goal is not when you were young, to starve yourself, but to give your body the sensation that it is constantly fed.

- Trick your metabolism with food that fights fat.

It is not always about how much you eat, but about certain foods that you consume.

You can search a list of foods that fight fat and choose whatever you like. Eat these kinds of foods most and decrease the other ones.

- Transform the muscles in your body in you ally against the fat.

There is something that all coaches got right:

The more muscles you have, the more your metabolism becomes more efficient at burning fat.
Unfortunately, as you age, you start to lose your muscle mass which is so beneficial in your weight loss campaign and replace it with fat. So, make your muscles get back in shape you have to get back also.

- Sleep more so you can burn more calories.

Recent studies have shown that there is a great connection at this age between sleep and increase or decrease of weight.

People that have slept less feel the need of food and drinks to restore their energy: chocolate or caffeine juices.

Sleep helps a lot in burning fat and it helps the digestion.

But do not take this as a free way to eat more in the evening; these aliments will be processed much harder. If you eat a too consisting evening meal, you will many times wake up as tired as you went to bed.

- Build a healthy relationship with you when you’re craving for something sweet   

If you cannot stop from enjoying something sweet, satisfy your craving slowly, so you can send the right signals to your brain.

If you want to eat a chocolate, break it in two before you enjoy it, eat the first half now, and the second “save it for later”.

- Make small changes, realistic, according to your lifestyle.

If you want your own good, you have to think that a person that is already mature has to polish his lifestyle a bit.

You do not have to change it completely.

In the end, to leave you with a few ideas – try to become more measured, change your routine gradually and this is how you will have long-term success. This is the biggest secret in the battle with weight after the beautiful age of 40. Not last, if you
change something, change it for yourself.


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