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Author: Tin Pan
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The rice diet is a very helpful in detoxifying the body because it eliminates the excess of water and the toxins.

This rice diet that I am going to tell you about is the legitimate version of those weird weight loss recipes that start on full moon and ends with a glass of plain water and a few grains of raw rice let overnight in it.

The true thing is, rice is a food rich in protein, minerals, vitamins and starch and therefore it is very good for the diet.

Rice diet not only let you feel less hungry, but allows you eating permissive amount of food than other diets.

The rice diet promotes eating fruits and vegetables, providing a version of losing weight full of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

The rice diet - realizing your own menu

Boil 250 grams of brown rice in water without salt.

Divide the amount in 4-5 small portions, which you will consume throughout the day, whenever you feel hungry.

Thus, the meals are consisting of plain rice, but
the novelty of this diet is the possibility that in addition to these consistent meals in terms of calories, you have the freedom to eat and consume snacks between the meals as fresh fruit and vegetables.

Basically, you have the freedom to eat the agreed food and to diversify the rice diet in order to lose weight effortlessly.

 If you cannot decide about rice diet recipes, see the following menu:

Day 1:

A great yogurt, skimmed

A hardboiled egg
Boiled rice
An apple

Day 2:

Grilled low fat fish

A slice of low fat cheese
A big skimmed yogurt
A banana
Boiled rice

Day 3:

A grapefruit

Boiled rice
Grilled low fat fish
A big skimmed yogurt

Tomato and cucumber salad without salt

Day 4:

2 slices of low fat cheese

A big apple
Boiled rice
Steamed vegetables

Day 5:

Two boiled eggs

Boiled rice
A big apple

Day 6:

Lean grilled chicken or cooked,

Boiled rice
A big skimmed yogurt

Day 7:

Boiled rice

A grapefruit
Tomato and cucumber salad without salt

The best way to not feel the hunger during the days and to carry out this diet is to divide the food that you are allowed to eat into small portions (it would be perfect to make 5 or even 6 of them) and to eat often.

Another tip is to chew slowly, so that the brain manages to send you the signals of satiety.

Good luck!


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