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Author: Éulia Iliescu
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We annually spent large amounts of money for the gym's memberships, on consultations with various nutritionists and every time we start more and more complex diets.

The problem actually lies not in what food we eat or how many times we go to the gym, but in the way we think. Pretty surprisingly, right?

"There is an ongoing communication between body and mind, and the mind is the more important of the two because it is the engine of your attitude,"
says nutritionist and author of "Think More, Eat Less."

It claims that if you follow the steps below, you will be able to maintain a constant weight or you can even lose weight.

Think about how you look and how you feel after you will reach your goal of losing weight.

Kidnap a few moments before falling asleep and right after you wake up, and imagine how you looked three months ago and how you will look in six months.

Creating strong and positive emotions helps to maintain hope that you will reach the goal.

Write which are the goals and once you achieved them, how you will act after.

For example, I want to get to the 12 size in jeans and after I will maintain a balanced diet.

Say aloud what you have written twice a day.

Identify the thoughts and behaviors that kept you previously from reaching your goals.
Makes a list of things that were "helpful" to get fat: too much wine, too much food from fast food, etc. …

Keep a food diary.

Write absolutely all foods eaten that day.
Being aware of things you consume is a step in this program. Spend time with people who have common goals.

Those with who you spend time directly affect your attitude.

Follow two simple rules of eating: eat just because your body needs food and eat the best quality food.
Do not ever forbid to yourself to eat something that you lust, otherwise you will crave more forbidden temptations.

first make a realistic plan of losing weight and getting that tones body, because without a realistic plan you won’t be able to keep your self-confidence, which is a pillar for your success:

a too permissive plan will annoy you by not seeing any change and a too demanding one will deceive you by not synchronizing your body’s changes with what you’ve planned.

In the end, the most important thing that you must achieve in order to get that look that you crave for is to get a balanced attitude.

This will keep you from eating to much or missing the gym classes that are two pillars for losing the desired weight and to maintain it afterwards.


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