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Author: St. Pan
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The South Beach Diet has shortly recorded a great success right after its conception, even between specialists (which, everyone knows, are really hard to please).

"The daddy" of South Beach Diet is not a nutritionist, as you would expect to hear, but a cardiologist, Dr. Arthur Agatson.

It all started when Dr. Agatson felt the need to compose a diet designed to help his patients to improve their hearts health.

But in time, the positive effects noticed at them were extended to their weight, specifically they found out that the weight loss in patients who were on this diet was considerable and without experiencing the yo-yo effect.
That is why the South Beach Diet is falsely called a diet today.

Unlike the Atkins diet, the South Beach can become a lifestyle, and, I might add, a healthy life style.

Why do you need to get on South Beach mode?

First of all,
will and patience, but this is not a new thing.

I am sure that you already know, since you're on the dieting section. Secondly,
you need to organize your time a little bit more, because you will need to prepare your meal after the delicious recipes featured in the book or on the official site.

Do not worry, it won't take you long, and the effort to spend 30 minutes in the kitchen it's worth it, because you learn to cook simple, healthy and above all ... delicious.
The diet consists of three phases that mark each level you have achieved (and from which it would be better not to come back).   

The initial phase - starting to lose weight

It is the most restrictive and it will act as a shock to your body.

In this phase, which lasts
two weeks, you give up all harmful foods that originally created the need to lose weight and, above all, you will learn to eat again. This time correctly.

What you are allowed to eat:

normal portions of meat (chicken, beef, and turkey), fish and seafood, vegetables, herbs, eggs, cheese, nuts and seeds.

You can spoil yourself with salads with olive oil or to build your own balanced meals with the ingredients from above.
The main idea is that you will have three regular meals a day and all made up on the basis of delicious food. You can have two snacks a day between meals if you feel the need. It is important not to feel hungry, because this feeling leads to unwanted frustration and it can mean the failure of the diet.

Meals will not be any smaller but not bigger.

Eat until you no longer feel hungry; do not expect to feel full to stop.

Our brain receives delayed signals of saturation, which means that once the stomach is full until we feel the sensation of satiety it lasts a bit.

What you must not eat:

some foods in this category are restricted only during the first two weeks; therefore, try to resist the temptation of all kinds at this time.There are prohibited: any kind of bread, rice, potatoes, pasta and pastries. You must not eat fruit during this period.

Of course like cookies, candy, ice cream or sugar products are completely banned.

Maybe it will seem unfair, but I have news for you: when you go out with friends,
you will not order beer or wine.

Try plain water, because alcohol is banned in the first two weeks.

Do not panic! After this period, you will start to slowly introduce alcohol (moderately) and desserts, but this time it will be healthy options that can be prepared quickly at home.

Phase II - reach your goal!

This intermediate phase of the diet it will as much as it is needed, exactly,
until you reach the desired weight.

People who do not want to lose a lot or just want improve their health by changing the diet can even begin with phase II. Forget about diet food!

You will begin to eat varied, but food will be chosen from the camp of "good guys".

Besides basic foods in the first phase, you introduce good carbs.
More specifically, it is bread, brown rice, pasta, fruits, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and peas. Portions will still have a normal size, and you can keep the snacks (plus, you can add dark chocolate).

Phase III - be always in shape!

The South Beach Diet can be a permanent solution to keep you in shape.

Unlike the diets that help you lose weight in the short term, by studying and adopting the South Beach diet rules,
you'll learn how to adopt and maintain a healthy way of living.

Once you reached your ideal weight
, you have the freedom to "sin" more from time to time and to vary more. Once here, you will find out that you are not on a diet, but that you've succeeded the performance (we have to admit that it is a performance) to change on long-term your relationship with food.

You will not gain weight, because you will learn what types of food (plentiful and tasty) you can consume.

Basically, from the entire market offers, you will learn to choose what is best for your health.

The diet will be rich in minerals and vitamins, but you'll benefit from OMEGA3 fatty acids, good carbohydrates
(vital to the smooth functioning of the body) and the antioxidants present in wine (alcohol consumption is limited and moderated, but you are allowed, even encouraged, to drink a glass of wine occasionally).

Good luck!


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