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Author: Steve Smakin
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Unfriendly Employees on Facebook may be Threatened

A case of Connecticut employer’s policy has been brought into light recently. This was about prohibiting an employee “from creating disparaging, prejudiced or offensive comments when debating the corporation or the worker’s seniors, colleagues and/or contenders.

This sounds quite reasonable. However, the National Labor Relations Board disagreed to this act. In fact, it has already issued a complaint soon after American Medical Response fired an employee who was found discussing seniors and the organization on Facebook in a bad taste.

The NLRB recently felt that the employee was engaged in “concerted actions” with other workers via critiquing an administrator on her Facebook page.

Regardless of whether or not you have heard about that case, nothing was elucidated about what the NLRB exactly meant by concerted actions.

Workers usually have the right to engage in specific types of “concerted actions” as per the National Labor Relations Act’s Section 7. Some even hear “labor” and falsely ruminate that those guards are only prolonged to unionized workers. However, the fact is that these apply to all workers in an organization.

As per the views of NLRB, the law facilitates workers to engage in a discussion about the conditions of their service with colleagues.

They can even have discussions about these activities on Facebook. The NLRB has also added that employers such as the ‘American Medical Response’ are not at liberty to impose overly-broad strategies concerning blogging, online posting and various communications among workers.

A lawyer representing employers, an ideal ending would definitely consist of American Medical Response challenging as well as defeating the broad definition of about concerted actions.

The American Medical Response is said to have settled the case immediately and allowed employees to debate their salaries, hours and working circumstances on the World Wide Web.

It is important to get to the safest path when discussing work and salaries online. This will help keep the discussion healthy and create no problems for the one who discusses online. Facebook posts are sometimes posted in a spur of reaction. Hence, it would not be wise to take these seriously.

There is no need to get scared of the reaction. You just need to be careful and play your game. After all, it is not wise to call a bald man bald. You can also say that he has less hair on his head. This is less hurting and your purpose is solved too. It is about  getting smart.


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