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Author: Steve Smakin
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Google+ on recently hit its one-month birthday

Google has recently released its much awaited social network on 28th of June. Google+ was successful in grabbing headlines instantly.

It also made headlines and gained more than ten million users in its initial 2 weeks. Soon after, it also gained another ten million. It had also been enjoying people seeking various invitations to its trial field from absolute strangers.

It has also gained good amount of interest among people as the most sought-after and lucrative initiative market. Businesses have also been screaming aloud to set up Google+ accounts. The network has advised organizations to wait till a commercial version is prepared in a couple of months.

With more than tens of millions of users and especially Google for support, Google+ has turned into a major player now.

Rob Enderle, Enderle Group analyst confirmed, "It has a good vibe going for it. The product is embracing concepts from Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.... The end result is a higher average quality of information and less overall information traffic, making the service more useful for most."

The fanfare and immense success states that Facebook, that had been moving ahead with a lot of followers for a long time now is facing a serious competitor.

The latest network option has become an instant hit among people these days. It has been running very smoothly and enjoying immense success.

There have been absolutely no outages or safety breaks.

Everything about Google + is perfect. Facebook has tough competition. Of course Google had to deal with certain problems initially such as the report from Hitwise, an online traffic tracker but overall, the sail has been quite smooth.

This week, some of the Google+ users were quite frustrated and angry due to the shutting down of accounts on the site and contentious naming strategy. The system, nevertheless, enthused rapidly to alter its rule to solve the matter as soon as possible.

Despite that argument, specialists feel that Facebook must be keeping tabs on Google + nervously as its new competitor and trying to know how to keep itself a few steps ahead of the new site.


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