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Author: Steve Smakin
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Five Things You were Unaware about LED Light Bulbs

In case, you have heard about LED light bulbs used for residential areas, you would definitely know that these are very efficient in energy and last a long time.

The only problem is that these are costlier as compared ordinary lightbulbsand related technologies. People have been using LED lights in their home for some time now.

The reviews have been quite positive. People know a lot about LED bulbs. However, they are unaware of a few things related to these bulbs.

LEDs are Cooler

Summers cannot be handled without fans and air conditioner. When you are trying to make everything in your room cooler, it is not a good idea to use burning-hot luminescent bulbs.

These make it really hardto cope-up with the heat. LED light bulbs are cooler as compared to incandescent bulbs. These bulbs are known to be quite cooler as compared to CFLs.

Newest LED Bulbs Plug in

Energy Circle, an online retailer actually measured the difference between usual burning bulbs and LEDs. They came to know that halogen bulb ran at 327 degrees! On the contrary, an LED down light was gauged at 107 degrees. A CFL from Phillips worked at 167 degrees.

Apart from the heat, there are many other issues to be handled. Of course, LED bulbs do get hot. In fact, the heat is degenerated by metal.

It will sink the wick away and the heat from the light source. The process will keep them cool with heat sinks. The liquid cools and Switch Lighting does its job. You just need to ensure that the bulbs last for a longer time.

You get Immediate Full Light

You get the full illumination of an LED bulb. This is one of the biggest advantages of LED over CFL. For starters, you donot require waiting for full light in case you are running in and out of a room. However, frequent cycling will degradeCFLs life. This is also one of the reasons that CFLs donot last as expected in many cases.

People are becoming more conscious about this characteristic of LEDs especially in places where lights are cycled on and off in a quick manner.

CFLs in lamps and light fixtures tend to stay on for lengthy periods. As per the consumer reports, it has been found that turning CFLs on and off within the period of fifteen minutes will degrade their life.

LED Light Bulb will not Attract Bugs

This might be surprising to many users. The Pixi Lighting makes LEDs list as "no bugs!" This means that no insect will get attracted to LED bulbs. The reason is that LEDs is because bugs are usually attracted to ultraviolet light. LEDs donot give this kind of light.


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