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Author: Steve Smakin
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Facebook to Wage Hackers for Bugs

Now the Bug bounty will cost 500 US dollars for each bug. However, the company will definitely pay out more for each critical issue.

Facebook will definitely pay hackers to identify problems with their website. This is true and perfect as long as they focus on reporting the security team of Facebook.

The corporation is also following Google as well as Mozilla when it comes to launcha Web program based on "Bug Bounty".

For all kinds of bugs related to security such as the scripting errors and flaws of cross site, the company will pay base rate of about 500 US dollars. In case, these are truly noteworthy faults, the Facebook requires paying more. However, the executives of the organization have not confirmed the actual amount yet.

You can easily click on their website to find out more about them. Alex Rice, the security lead of Facebook product in an interview revealed that the company has emphasized on recognition of name recognition via displaying their name up on the page.

This has also allowed sending schwag out and utilizing this as an opportunity for meetings and the hiring process.

"We're extending that now to start paying out monetary rewards", added Alex in his interview.
Facebook recently launched an all- new portal for Whitehat hacking. The researchers can easily sign themselves up on the portal for the mission.

They can also report bugs. Most hackers tend to go public using the software as well as the website flaws. This is a way to gain prestige in the arena of social networking media.

The main focus here is on finding a vital bug on a widely utilized site such as Facebook. This can really help one to start a career as a hacker exposer. The best part is that going public will win him great popularity both online and offline.

However, discussing about the issue on Facebook has offered many good opportunities for people to solve the matter.

This can also be quite risky for Facebook users. Recently, many organizations have started the ‘bug bounty’ programs in order to promote hackers stay calm and quite about various problems they come across until everything is patched.

Google is currently paying between 500 US dollars and 3,133.70 US dollars to bug bounty programs. This again depends on the degree of the fault.Google has also started paying for browser bugs in the year 2010. Thereafter in November, it extended the program in order to cover bugs in the Web properties.

The bug bounty program has been of great help to Google for revealing many errors in programming in the past few months. It is said that most of these were less popular products by Google.


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