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Survival Tips How to Stop Bleeding

You should never attempt a trip to the wilderness unless you are fully prepared with equipment and knowledge about first aid. This is essential in order to ensure that you can handle a variety of different emergency situations and prevent problems from going out of hand. It is very easy for problems to escalate, especially if they include bleeding.
Survival Tips Treating Wounds

It is never easy to survive in the wilderness but you can certainly give it a good try as long as you are well prepared. A person who is well prepared to survive in the wilderness usually has the correct equipment on hand and also knows certain survival techniques. One of the most important things that a person needs to know is how to treat wounds correctly.
Survival Signals That You Have To Know

Being lost in the wilderness is a very dangerous thing and you have to do all you can in order to ensure that you can get back to civilization. If you are completely lost or if you are unable to move due to an injury you should be able to send out signals to the people who will be on the lookout for you. This will increase the chances of people finding you quickly.
Survival Guide Tip Building a Fire

There are a few things one needs to know in case one is ever stranded in the wilderness and building a fire is one of them. Fire serves a few important purposes and the ability to build one can make the difference between death and survival for a person lost in the wilderness. This is such an important element that you should include materials to help you ignite a fire in your survival kit so that you can increase your chances of making it out of the wilds alive.
Survival Basics Weather Prediction

There are quite a few skills that will help you survive if you are stranded in a wilderness area. One skill that you will be really happy to possess is the ability to predict weather. Most people do not understand how important this is until they have to face the elements all on their own. In fact, one does not have to be in the wilderness in order to appreciate this skill because bad...
How to Survive In the Jungle

There are plenty of movies devoted to the subject of people getting lost in the jungle. Unfortunately, the spine chilling scenarios they present are very close to the truth because being lost in a tropical jungle is truly a terrifying experience. People certainly have survived their ordeals here, but it is best if one goes prepared with some knowledge of basic survival tips.
How to Find Water When Lost In the Wilderness

There are certain skills that you need in order to increase your chances of survival in the wilderness. One of the most important of them is knowing how to find water. The human body is made predominantly of water and it requires a regular supply of this substance in order to ensure that it functions properly.
How to Find Directions When Lost

People who frequently go out into the wild have to be acquainted with the different methods of finding directions when lost. You should always go out into the wilderness with a map and a compass because this is essential to ensuring that you return safely. Needless to say, you should also know how to use them correctly. This will guide you to the closest place of human habitation.
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