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Author: Steve Smakin
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How to Survive In the Jungle

There are plenty of movies devoted to the subject of people getting lost in the jungle. Unfortunately, the spine chilling scenarios they present are very close to the truth because being lost in a tropical jungle is truly a terrifying experience.

People certainly have survived their ordeals here, but it is best if one goes prepared with some knowledge of basic survival tips.

One of the first things you should do is try to get some shelter for the night. There is plenty of building material in a jungle especially since you will find trees with large leaves.

You can fashion a rough shelter in the form of a tent with the help of large branches, especially of palm.

You need to ensure that it has two inclinations because it rains every day in the tropics.

Make sure that you check the leaves for insects and snakes before you use them.

Make sure that you scout around for a good location first because if you set up camp near a waterway you are in danger of getting inundated by a flash flood.

There is also a greater likelihood of being attacked by mosquitoes and other dangerous insects if you stay too close to wet areas.

If you can set up your camp at an elevated place you will be more comfortable and will also find it easier to signal for help.

You should also ensure that your jungle shelter is not located right under a coconut palm because the nuts can cause real damage if they fall on your head.

Once you have tackled the question of shelter, you should ensure that you have adequate water and food. This is not usually a problem in a tropical rain forest since there is an abundance of fruit and small animals here.

If you can find any coconut palms, you should consider yourself fortunate because the nuts will supply you with water as well as flesh.

The dried leaves of the palm also serve as kindling. It rains frequently and you will therefore be able to collect water easily. However, you need to boil the water before you drink it in order to be absolutely safe from water-borne diseases.

You will encounter some problems when you try to light a fire because it is hard to find dry wood. Thankfully, nature has provided the solution for that as well.

You will find many trees that have rotten cores. The hollow area is a good source of dry wood. You can even use this place to store wood you collect from other sources because it will remain safe from rain.

Fire is essential to cook food and boil water but it is also very important to help you signal for help. Build a small fire in a clearing in order to signal for help, and keep it going for as long as possible. Add some green leaves to the fire in order to create a lot of smoke.

Use a blanket in order to block out the fire for a few seconds at a time so that you can give out smoke signals.

You have to be very careful about the way you move around in a jungle because wounds can go bad very fast. However, you will be able to survive without too much trouble if you so the right things.

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