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Survival Signals That You Have To Know

Being lost in the wilderness is a very dangerous thing and you have to do all you can in order to ensure that you can get back to civilization.

If you are completely lost or if you are unable to move due to an injury you should be able to send out signals to the people who will be on the lookout for you. This will increase the chances of people finding you quickly.

Signals will also help searchers keep track of you in case you are on the move, either to find food and water or to get back to safety.

Your cell phones are likely to be completely useless out in the wilds and you will have to depend on making signals using other materials.

Fire is one of the most effective means of letting people know about your presence in the wilderness. You will anyways have to light a fire because it is necessary to keep you warm and also to cook food in order to make it safe for consumption.

Your signal fire has to be lit in an open area, preferably at an altitude because this is the only way that other people can spot it.

If you have the resources you should build three fires arranged to form a triangle because this is the internationally recognized signal for help.

You will have to change the composition of the fire you build to suit night and day. While flames will attract a lot of attention during the night they will not be as visible as smoke during the day.

You have to keep some green branches handy in order to throw on top of a fire. This will create a column of smoke that will be seen from a great distance.

You can increase the impact of your fire by using a blanket to send out smoke signals. This can be done be covering the fire with a wet blanket for a couple of seconds at a time in order to interrupt the smoke.

You should send out three puffs of smoke at a time in order to alert people to your presence.

You have to be extremely careful while using a fire to get help. The area around it should be cleared of brush and you should place rocks around it if possible.

This will prevent the occurrence of a forest fire that can cause a huge amount of damage to the fire and to other humans in addition to causing your certain death.

You could also use any reflective surface such as a mirror or a canteen in order to send light signals. His does not always work but there is no harm trying because the sunlight reflecting off the shiny surface might just attract someone’s attention.

Try to use the SOS signal, which consists of three short, three long and three short flashes of lights.

You should also arrange rocks, logs or any other natural materials in order to show the direction in which you are traveling.

They have to look unmistakably manmade so that people who are looking for you will know the direction in which they should travel.

All these survival signals are important to learn before you head out into the wild because they make the difference between life and death.

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