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Survival Tips – Treating Wounds

It is never easy to survive in the wilderness but you can certainly give it a good try as long as you are well prepared.

A person who is well prepared to survive in the wilderness usually has the correct equipment on hand and also knows certain survival techniques. One of the most important things that a person needs to know is how to treat wounds correctly.

If you are planning to go into the wilderness you should first take a course in first aid. Wounds can fester very easily in the wild and they can create life threatening situations even if they started out very small.

You need to have a first aid kit that contains the basic tools to help you manage wounds so that you can continue in the wilderness without having to go back for medical attention.

If you have suffered a fall that results in cuts or abrasions, you should clean it immediately with clean water and a disinfectant.

The wound should then be lightly bandaged in such a manner that it is protected from further contamination while there is adequate blood circulation to the area.

Make sure that you carry sufficient quantities of antibiotic ointment in order to dress the wound. Your first aid kit should always contain a pair of tweezers because they are immensely useful in pulling out thorns from your body. They can also be used to pull out stings from b.

If you have suffered a wound that is bleeding heavily, you need to apply pressure on it immediately in order to prevent loss of excess blood.

If you are running out of bandages or wish to preserve them for a later date, you can use a folded item of clothing in order to put pressure on the wound.

You can proceed with cleaning the wound once you have managed to stop the excessive flow of blood.

You might face a situation whereby the wound is taking too long to heal and it has begun to fester. This usually happens when the wound has become infected or when blood circulation to it has been affected.

You can get a high fever as a result of this and it can also have lethal consequences. You might not have antibiotics to cure yourself, in which case you will have to look for locally available methods of treating wounds.

Salt is a natural antiseptic. You should try to wash the wound in a saline solution in order to reduce the chance of infection.

Another thing you can do, as distasteful as it might seem, is to wash the wound in your own urine. The ancient Aztecs knew about the therapeutics benefits of urine and used it for a variety of medical purposes.

Another natural method of treating wounds in the wilderness is to use leeches to suck out any infected blood that might have collected around it.

You will easily find leeches near a water body and can attach them to the wound in order for them to suck away the infected blood.

These tips to help you treat wounds in the wilderness will definitely help you remain comfortable until you can get proper medical attention.

Make sure that you get to a doctor at the earliest just in case your wounds have exposed you to tetanus, rabies or any other dangerous disease.

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