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Author: Tin Pan
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According to a recent study, people who consume a daily moderate amount of curry can prevent illness from diabetes, even if they are at increased risk of acquiring the disease or because of lifestyle either because of genetic inheritance.


The research, conducted in Thailand and published in Diabetes Care.

Took place over nine months on 240 adults with increased risk of diabetes in the near future
(they were presenting high blood sugar, which could lead to Type II diabetes).

They were divided into two camps: those who daily consumed amount of curcumin (one of the ingredients curry spice) and others who consumed a placebo.


Thus, at the
people who consumed daily capsules of curcumin extract, there has been no case of diabetes.

On the opposite happened in the group who consumed a placebo, where were 19 new cases of diabetes.

The fact is that it is expected that nearly 79 million adults are predisposed to diabetes in the near future, according to the National Diabetes Education Program.

However, a spokesman for the Academy of Nutrition and Diet in the U.S., Constance Brown-Riggs, who is also a consultant on issues of diabetes, says that despite this study, she continues to recommend a
healthy diet and sports program for her patients as the main way to prevent diabetes.

Over time another foods have earned a reputation for their skills in preventing diabetes. See below a list of the most popular remedies "in the fridge" that you can rely on in the fight to prevent this condition.


According to a study published in the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
", people who often eat cheese have a 12% lower risk of diabetes than those who avoid such foods.

Oleaginous fruits

Researchers at Louisiana State University Agricultural Center found
that people who use constantly fruits (pistachios, walnuts, almonds and cashews) have a lower risk of type II diabetes, like heart disease or metabolic problems.

The researchers concluded that oilseeds reduce C-reactive protein levels, which is associated with heart disease and other chronic diseases and increase "good" cholesterol.

In addition, people who consume these foods have a lower BMI index (a ratio of body mass - kg - and height) than those who avoid these fruits.

Apple and Blackcurrant

People who eat
apples, pears and blackcurrants reduce the risk of type II diabetes, according to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The study was based on the diets of 200,000 people.

Fruits and vegetables

High consumption of fruits and vegetables
may help reduce the risk of type II diabetes, according to Medical Daily.

The study, published in the journal "Diabetes Care" was performed
on 3,704 persons who were examined for their lifestyle and how many and how varied are the fruits and vegetables they consume compared to the risk of onset of diabetes type II.

Researchers found that those who consumed more fruits and vegetables and various present the lowest risk of diabetes.

Moderate alcohol consumption
Responsible drinking is directly related to lower risk of disease than Type II diabetes.

Harvard researchers found that
women with an unhealthy diet that includes large amounts of carbohydrates have a 30% higher risk to get diabetes if consumed alcohol compared with women who consume the same diet and then alcohol.

"If you eat more carbohydrates and drink less the risk of diabetes is higher by 30%,"
said one of the researchers who participated in the study.


Chinese researchers have discovered that
certain ingredients in coffee prevent formation of a protein that is responsible for triggering diabetes.

The study, published in the "Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry", suggests that three components of coffee are able to have a beneficial effect in stopping the disease of diabetes:


chlorogenic acid and

caffeic acid.

In conclusion, it doesn’t seem too hard to adopt a diet that would include foods preventing diabetes.

Moreover, most of them have many benefits, such as preventing other major conditions.

In fact, most of them are easy to obtain and may already be in your routine diet!


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