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Author: St. Pan
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Cystitis is an infection of the urinary tract, caused by bacteria and affects, generally, women, one woman of two having this affection.

Although it can be simple to treat, recent cases of illness bring novelty:

it seems that the bacteria become resistant to the antibiotics treatment which leads to new medical measures.

A group of researchers in antimicrobial from the University of Birmingham warned that, in case another weapon won't be created to fight against these pathogens, we will fight with the threatening of an untreatable infection.

they said that people should be aware of the fact that strains resistant to antibiotics can lead to quite hard, maybe even untreatable, to treat diseases.


Moreover, a reason why they don't realize how serious this fight can be is because many people already got used to treat their infections with antibiotics.

A specialist in primary medical assistance, Dr. Alastair Hay from the University of Bristol, sustains that
at least 20% of the cases that had infections of the urinary tract don't respond from the first time to antibiotics.

Moreover, he warns that the urinary tract's infections are not the only one that doesn’t respond to such a treatment.

He found out that in Great Britain 100 cases were reported resistant to antibiotics.

Many doctors, but also people, wondered why new medications weren't created in treating such infections.

Well, an answer is that the producers don't make profit from researching or creating new antibiotics.

Globally speaking, only 4 antibiotics are being developed, but none of them has as object the resistant bacteria.

The most profitable medications are the ones against cancer.

To be more specific, 861 medications and vaccines are tested against cancer, in present.

Numerous specialists consider that the only available solution is to make a campaign for sensitizing General Practitioner (GP), which could subsidize the creation of new antibiotics.

GP offers approximately 80% of the antibiotics from market.
Also, another way of offering the patients a treatment in fighting the resistance to bacteria is aspirin or corticosteroids.

These are efficient in fighting against fever or pain.

Moreover, hygiene lowers the number of infections.

In the past, in Great Britain, 2000 people had suffered infections, but after having a correct hygiene, their number decreased at 100/month.

Last, but not least, specialists claim that we need new apparatus capable of identifying the bacteria which infested a patient in a short amount of time, so that the administration of the medication to be immediate and, therefore, efficient in fighting against the disease.


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