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Author: Tin Pan
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Did you know that vitamin D shouldn't be taken by chance and that their derivatives act differently once arrived in the body?

So, find out that vitamin D3 gives more benefits to your health that his relative, vitamin D2, according to a recent discovery at Biotechnology and Biological Science Research Council from Great Britain.


Vitamin D is an essential element for bones and muscles health and specialists are worried about the fact that exposing to sun doesn't assure a sufficient amount.

Followingly, some food is fortified with vitamin D, especially with vitamin D2, substance that it isn't found in animal origin food.  

But, surprise!

New researches discovered that vitamin D3 is converted much more efficient by body in the necessary hormones for well-functioning.

Food rich in vitamin D3 are eggs and fat fish and the new discovery could determine, in future, the fortification of food with this form of vitamin D3 against vitamin D2.

"We know that vitamin D is vital for being in maximum shape, but we didn't know anything about the difference between the benefits brought by the two forms of it.

It was believed, so far, that both vitamin D2 and vitamin D3 are equally useful for health, but our researches proved that the body reacts differently to them and that, in fact,
vitamin D3 would be better to us", explained Dr. Laura Tripkovic, the author of the study from Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council.

The effectuated studies involved the participation of over 1.000 people who were given doses of vitamin D2, respectively, vitamin D3, and then effects over the vital organs were compared.

"Because, from demographic point of view, we are assisting to the ageing of the population, it is important to understand as good as possible how this two types of vitamin D act.

This way, in future, we could assure that any person can be enjoying a healthy life, even at an old age"
, said Dr. Tripkovic.

The researchers from Great Britain recommend short periods of sunbathing for combating vitamin D deficiency which can compromise the bone mass and muscular functions. In some situations, it can cause rickets at children.

Also then, the researchers found out that especially, pregnant women, kids and a significant part of the adults don't have in their body a sufficient amount of vitamin D.

A few minutes at fresh air, enjoying the sunbeams, can replace vitamin D supplements taking into consideration that this is produced in derma, under the action of UV razes.

Vitamin D is majorly involved in the calcium's and phosphorus metabolism, by determining the process of bones mineralization.

It can be found in food like yolk, milk, fish oil and some grains; the level of vitamin D lowers during winter and at old people.


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