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First created in the late 40s by the designer Christian Dior, by adding some extra- fabric to the waistline of the jackets, peplum was brought back into the front line last fall by Giambattista Valli.

And there’s no wonder why it has been so successful and quite addictive since then as it’s emphasizing everyone who wears it. Peplum is a masterpiece and a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe.

Therefore, we now present you the whole peplum concept and how to wear it.

Peplum jackets

First there was the peplum jacket:
elegant, sexy, feminine, yet mysterious.

Because of its, let’s say, architecture,
peplum emphasizes your breasts, contours your waistline and draws you the perfect hips.

Still, it’s not revealing too much from your body, being the most elegant and classy way for looking sexy.
It’s best for going to the office, dinners, business meetings and everywhere an elegant dress code is mandatory. 

Peplum tops 

“If peplum jackets are so successful, why not cut their sleeves and transform them into tops”, designers may asked themselves.

So they did it and women may now profit more by this fabulous concept. From minimal cut ones, to backless sequined or leathered ones, you now have a large range of adorable peplum tops.

Whether you want to be
classy, sassy, glam, rock or simply chic, you will for sure find at least one peplum top that you would absolutely fall in love with.

You can wear them with pencil skirts for elegant and sophisticated looks, with wide-legs trousers or skinny ones. 

Peplum dresses

And since peplum tops look so great with pencil skirts, why not make and wear peplum dresses?

They are more than effective for creating a look that will perfectly outline your body.
And if you love the LBD or its new powerful adversary, The Little Red Dress, you must add one such dress in your wardrobe.

Also, there is a peplum dress for everyone and for every dress code. You can buy one
for the office apparels, vividly colored ones for events that are not so pretentious, bold ones in animal print and backless for clubbing, sequined ones for the events between the above ones and even peplum gowns for really special events.

Peplum skirts 

Since there are jackets, tops and dresses, peplum skirts couldn’t miss and all the mentions from above are also available here.

Lucky us, we can wear peplum no matter how young, middle-aged or older we are, but of course we must take into consideration our status when putting one on us.

So, if you are young don’t choose a too classy one, as it will make you only look older and, at the same time, if you are middle-aged or passed it, don’t pick a too short and fussy one.

It may look fabulous on that twenty-something girl, but it will only make you looking tacky.

Peplum belts and trousers

In addition, in this season, some designers and brands brought into their stores
peplum trousers and, even if you seem to be a bit skeptical, maybe they will win popularity sooner than expected.

Moreover, they also created a range of
peplum belts, so that you don’t have to buy a dozen of new tops, skirts and even trousers with peplum details and declare bankruptcy for getting your favorite looks.

It’s cheaper to buy a few belts and, since you can add them to the dozen of items that you had already invested in, there will result more peplum apparels.

Whether you are petite, plus size or skinny, apple, pear, hourglass or tube shaped, you will find a peplum item them will emphasize your features and hide your flaws, making you look absolutely fabulous. And don’t forget: once you get on peplum, you will never go back! In the end, peplum isn’t just a style, peplum is an attitude! 


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