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Author: Tin Pan
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I don't know if it's written in our DNA, stars or attained from our mothers, but I think I make no mistake when I state that we all have an authentic weakness for bags and espesially clutches.

We are passionate about them, fascinated and we shine like little girls that just received fondants when we add another one in our wardrobes.

And how can we not develop an additional passion for the clutches which are the masterpieces, the jewels of the bags!

Plus, you can never have too much of them! Just when you said you'll stop, you accidentally pass near a shop window or an add pops you and you fall in love, again!

The case clutch

At this very moment it is my favorite item from wardrobe!

Still, the hard case clutch is not a new invention; it is present even in the New York from the famous Sex and City series, which dates for more than a decade (yet so actual).

For sure, it is a must have:

It suits every evening outfit, from a glam rock style to a classy and sophisticated one.

Is there needed to add something about the children of these clutches:

The jewel ones, diamond shaped or decorated with precious stones and gems!

100% Envelope

It is probable the most minimalist type of clutch, but don't underestimate it.

Not a few times,
simplicity is much more effective and designers couldn't miss bringing some creative, full of life ones or, on the opposite extreme simple ones, with straight cuts.

They are as versatile as the case ones, but they give you a less precious touch and, additionally, you can wear them during the whole day.


In this season fringes are everywhere:

At boots, ankle boots, waistcoats, jackets, skirts, dresses and clutches make no exception.

In what concerns the wearing guide of these,
the saint rule is to not be pleonastic: you have chosen an item with fringes; you have no longer the right to another one!Fringes come along perfectly with the boho chic outfits, ethnic or hippie inspirited ones.

We urge you to diverse your looks with a fringed clutch or, if you are not so bold, with its light variant, the clutch with tassels.


Designers have kept in their collections of this season the prints and they made no exception regarding the bags, nor the clutches.

And this perfectly to understand, since
they are an easy way of removing from the crowd any simple outfit. Depending on what attracts you most, you can choose between animal print, snake skin, baroque, ethnic or floral prints or, why not, one of each!

These being said, we urge you to be creative and to dare when it comes to investing in some sublime and unique clutches for removing from the crowd your apparels.


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