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Long hair and 4 options for styling to be more beautiful

If you resisted the temptation of cutting your hair for your beauty into a ultra-chic bob and you have a nice long hair as a deposition for the others that sustains how much you invested in caring it beautifully and healthy, I have two good news for you! The first is that men will always prefer long hair, in spite fashion trends, and the second is that for this length you have more options for styling, so you can have anytime a chameleonic look.
Vintage Ponytail

We all love very vintage-inspired ponytail. This is a very romantic and feminine hairstyle and itís perfect whether you are going to the a walking or to a cocktail party (of course, suitable accessorized). Itís got a part, a little volume, plus some soft bouncy curls. This particular version is a very wearable one. If you want to get a little more dramatic, youíre welcome to put as much volume and curl as you want! There are a LOT of steps in this tutorial, but thatís only because we wanted to be as detailed as possible. Alright, here we goÖ
How to Make Curls in your hair to Stay All Day

Whether you're going for beachy waves or bouncy curls, there is nothing more frustrating than spending hours primping those curls only to have them go limp and flat after a few hours. With the right products and tools, you can kiss curls that fall apart good-bye and say hello to curls that stand the test of time!
Hair Highlights: Favored Dyeing by Celebrities Techniques

Highlights will always be the best methods for improving hair's aspect and for giving it interesting sub tones or for obtaining a plus of volume. Celebrities often use different techniques for obtaining highlights when they want to change their look without appealing to drastic changes. No matter if you add them at a professional salon or at home, highlights will remain in trends because of their capacity of giving light that embraces your facial features. If you decided to offer brightness to your hair through highlights, it is very important to take into consideration the length of your hair.
Braided hairstyles for every woman

Celebrities love it, and some hairdressers take it to the extreme by making it amazing pieces of art. Braided hairstyles can be worn in many ways: charming, girlish, messy, glamorous, and classy. Braids can be used in hairstyles for any occasion. Simple, to go shopping, or over the top glamorous for a party! Here are two easy-to-do braided styles. Russian style braid Popular on Erin Fetherston and la Vivienne Westwood runway shows. They give you an exotic hint and you will certainly be a stand-out.
The Trendiest Hairstyles

Read the article below to find out 3 hairstyles that are hot this year! See which suits you and dare to make a change. The Pixie Audrey Hepburn was the original celebrity with pixie hair and Mia Farrow popularized the look in the 60s. In the past few months, pixie hair has "cropped up" on a host of stylish singers and actresses including Michelle Williams, Ginnifer Goodwin, Emma Watson, Carey Mulligan, Halle Berry and most recently Kate Winslet. So can you get away with this cut? The pixie works best on women with thick, naturally wavy hair, but also looks good on women with straight hair.
Haircuts for mature women - Styles depending on hair length

The recommending of hair stylists regarding haircuts for mature women become more and more important when you pass the first youth stage and you start to bump against social norms, the priorities related to age and, of course, irreversible changes of your hair quality. Choosing a haircut for mature women becomes a priority for the ones that want to keep a modern and fresh look, but without being ridiculous. The rules of the game change and what you used to wear in your 2s isn't anymore a reference standard. Haircuts for long hair
A Clean Cut

Itís a new season, which usually means we go back to the gym and get a haircut in order to get off to a fresh start. But what happens after that first haircut of the season? How long until you go back in to get it cleaned up? It depends, because every single haircut is different. You cannot generalize all haircuts with a 6-8 week time period. Though, here are some guiding hints
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