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Author: St. Pan
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While at London debut the Fashion Week, at the same time in the British district Shroeditch took place another kind of event.

The designers, models and bloggers gathered for celebrating the inauguration of the Fashion Week for Plus-Size Models.

The event, first of this kind from Great Britain, began with the speech of Jo Swinson, the Minister for women and equality, who considers that the fashion world has lots to learn from this manifestation.

Twice a year, the fashion community takes London by storm.

To be fair, we can be proud of British fashion, but I think it the industry is totally wrong since it organizes this event separately for the women that are more than size 12. This thing underlines the fact that fashion industry doesn't appreciate yet the diversity of beauty from this country ", declared Swinson for The Guardian.

The plus-sized women are not inclinable to be marginalized by the fashion industry.

And this thing is proven by the recent ascension of blogs dedicated to this subject, by the launch of magazines and by the success of the Asos Curve line.

The event was organized by Rianne Ward and by the blogger Remy Ray.

Although they've financed it, these two hope that this will change in the future. "Here we are talking about passion.

These women want quality clothes, they want to look good and organizing this event simultaneously
with the Fashion Week shows the given possibilities when you admit the power of diversity", declared Ward for The Guardian.

Still, not all are delighted by the creation of this event.

"Although it is a positive thing, we don't get involved because the main purpose of the agency for plus-sized women is promoting shapes and health in a subtle way and not for underlining the differences", declared Sarah Watkinson, manager for the models that wear over size 12.

In present, the plus-sized models don't represent a rarity.

For instance, Crystal Renn and Robyn Lawley defiled for fashion houses like Chanel, Ralph Lauren or Jimmy Choo.

Still, they are often presented as an exotic add-on during presentations and not as a sign of change.

In most of the cases, it was said that there are used models with size 6 or 8 for saving the money destined for fabrics.

But Swanson is skeptic regarding this explanation.

"It is about the cost of the working hours and not about some extra inches of fabric.

The models agencies blame the designers, this pass the blame on the costs and no one takes responsibility.

But the British fashion industry always had the role of initiation so we should opt for the change", she concluded.


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