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Author: Tin Pan
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In astrology, Uranus in Aries from 05/28/10 to 03/06/19 will bring many sudden outbursts, impulses and intense struggle for greater freedom. According to astrology, Uranus passes shortly in Aries on 5/28/10 to 08/14/10, which will give us a taste of many tensions and violent reactions, and after on 03/12/11 until 03/06/19 all the changes he wants to bring in our lives, suddenly and without warning. As astrology shows us, is not a random entry of this explosive planet, Uranus, in one of the most important points and will make a large cross with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, which will signal the start of huge, and major changes to come into our lives, whether we like it or not. In astrology as the planets pass at so important points, usually cause the starting point of major changes. According to astrology Uranus in Aries and it’s aspects with all these planets suggests that we should finally make it clear and leave behind difficult situations in our lives, to change patterns, relationships, partnerships and things we do not match, that make us feel bad and keep them only out of habit. The facts will come to force us to make these changes and these are just the excuse to make another revolutionary beginning. What we should be careful not to end things sudden and violent, and that we are not ready yet. It is best to process these changes without a lot of hurry, because there will be impulsive decisions and actions and we will discover it sooner or later that are wrong.

The areas most affected by
Uranus in Aries are at work, businesses, stable relationships and partnerships, marriage, cooperatives, family, land and properties. Many companies will be forced to close or merge. Our earth and nature in general will have huge problem of pollution and lack of environmental consciousness and very soon this will destroy us. The institution of family, marriage and generally stable relationships and partnerships will receive a strong hit, while more and more people will choose loneliness emotionally and professionally. The increase in divorces will be huge, and more and more people will avoid marriage and commitment in general for economical and trust issues. Those who will have the most difficult and catalytic changes in their lives will be Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn and also those who have other planets in these signs in their personal chart horoscope, and should control their nerves because there will be sharp and more risky than necessary and likely will have significant losses. Those who will have much more positive changes and opportunities with Uranus in Aries are Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius and also those who have other planets in these signs in their personal chart horoscope
, and can be renewed, creative at all levels and make a lot of new things and new dynamic startups in their lives. 


How will affect each individual sign Uranus in Aries:


In your sign
Uranus from 05/28/10 to 03/06/19 will make you more nervous, abrupt and impulsive as ever. You will have the tendency to gamble in all fields and make changes and new beginnings without think about it or look for too much. Catalyst changes come into your life and many of you will no longer be the same as before, whether you like it or not. Your need to become more independent will cause many big and small revolutions from you, even thaw you are not sure where you "get at". The twists will follow you and you will not be able to do anything to stay with people and situations that compress you or don’t let you express yourself free. Try to think twice before you decide or before doing anything with carelessness, or rush to impulses that you will often have suddenly.


Uranus in the sign of Aries from 05/28/10 to 03/06/19 will bring many sudden and totally unexpected twists in matters of health and work, which you should be very careful. Suddenly will emerge some problems in these areas and it is important to be prepared as you're always in order to prevent it. Try not to react spontaneous whenever you do these upheavals, and avoid trouble with calmness and good tensions. Old matters will come back to hurt you with Uranus in Aries, people from your past which are behind close doors will envy you, but you must compete unclose matters from your past for your own benefit. It is difficult for you to move in the background, but now it is absolutely necessary to keep as much as you can a lot of things secret, like contacts, decisions, thoughts, partnerships, relationships and movements, because otherwise these can be revealed suddenly and leave you exposed.


Mandatory changes in goals and your dreams
Uranus will bring to you as it passes by the sign of Aries from 05/28/10 to 03/06/19, and it seems that many people do not like you to get evolved in their business. Suddenly, facts and truth will make you change course in the major areas of your life, events that you might not expect. Although some of the truth that will now come to the surface and the events that will happen is suddenly, finally seems will go well. It will lead you to change decisions and actions that really need them and will bring many new opportunities especially in matters of love and business. Move fast, but do not trust people who do not know very well or you were be misled by them in the past and may have much to gain from a possible misled you.


Everything can happen and all you should expect from now with
Uranus in the sign of Aries from 05/28/10 to 03/06/19, are a lot of changes. You will not be able to do anything to stop the torrent of changes coming for you. The first thing you should notice is that the business where you have constant change and quite sudden reversals, where don’t wait others to help you. A sudden reduction in salary, relocation your work, change profession or even stop your work for a long time is possible and should be prepared properly if possible with a backup plan. Don’t spend your time in insecurity because you won’t like it at all. Many changes will occur and in the field of family and property, and this time it is not good to start a family and generally there will be many twists and changes that you can not control. Love should not limit your interests because you will regret it some day.  


Particularly advantageous is for you,
Uranus in the friendly sign of Aries from 05/28/10 to 03/06/19 which will try to make you more 'open' to new ideas, concepts, thinking and also to your actions. You will see a lot of people, do a lot of things and see some situations with another point of view, a totally different perspective and explore different paths and trails in all areas of your life that will make it easier. You will expand into new areas, but you should be very careful not to make impulsive and too risky moves in order not to lose something important eventually. Many positive changes in your life will come from individuals, partnerships, contacts and traveling in foreign countries, which will give you new opportunities to create things that you love and you will be benefit considerably. Pay more attention to important thinking, decisions and movements that you can not have sudden twists if you're not well organized. Make sure you can hold your nerves in the discussions with people you disagree. Just listen to a different opinion. It can be useful.


In a new place
Uranus at the sign of Aries from 05/28/10 to 03/06/19 will bring you suddenly new charges which you will feel extremely irritated and want to have everything neatly on economics, but you will be in a position that you will not be able to count accurately. At that time is more likely that costs come from others, rather than yourself, or from your past debts that you thought you had settled and now you recall. At love field will occur suddenly adventures with strong sexual nature, tense and very strong but that will be very short and will have no future. If you already have a stable relationship, many will experience a brief secret love affair, but where it is most likely to be revealed sooner or later and seems that you will be forced to suffer the unpleasant consequences. If you are free it is likely that there will be stabilized in a relationship and the other person won’t be able or do not want to commit.


Uranus opposite your sign, in Aries, from 05/28/10 to 03/06/19 certainly it won’t be the best time for you. It will bring a lot of tension, disagreement, even fighting that will be generated mainly by others, somewhere around you and will not be at your hand. But what you will heat more is that you lose your desirable peace and harmony in all your relationships. People who are beside you with love, friendship, professional, family relationships and partnerships will disagree on many things with you. You will be forced to change some things because of the attitude, decisions and actions of others, although you will find it very difficult to do so, but you can not do otherwise. Many of you might go for a final separation in a stable relationship, a divorce or a breakup of a long collaboration. This time is not the best to make new relationships and partnerships if you would rather to remain stable in your life, and don’t want to be temporary.


Suddenly problems on both health and your work will bring the presence of
Uranus in the sign of Aries from 05/28/10 to 03/06/19 and there for you need more patience in order to overcome them. The difficulty for you is that frustration is growing inside of you and you must reduce your patience when you get similar problems so you can react logically and diplomatically, which will be needed in most cases. Many changes will incur in your business and will be inevitable because of the difficulties that exist in the market and probably because you do not provide alternative ways. Dare to have alternatives to your business with the help of your intuition that you should trust. Health problems will be presented suddenly that afflict you, but will disappear suddenly, as suddenly appeared. Do not take impulsive decisions on work and health without first to think very well, because you will make mistakes you will not like at all and you will be discomfort enough.


Courage, determination, new creative ideas and intense eroticism will fill in the space of
Uranus in the friendly sign of Aries from 05/28/10 to 03/06/19 which is particularly favorable for you. In love everything can happen. You will have love at first sight and fatal relationship where you least expect it, but surely you will be given the opportunity to refresh an older stable relationship before going to stagnate. Make new things on both relations and other areas for an overall renewal will help to reclaim and feel much different and much more alive. The fun dynamic re-enters your life in a new format that you like better and have more and better choices. We're very creative and you can make new beginnings where ever you want. Save your time and avoid excessive risk. A general update at your outer appearance will help you embellish even more and be more attractive in the eyes of others, but primary at yours.


Vast changes in matters concerning home, family and real estate you are to wait with
Uranus in the sign of Aries from 05/28/10 to 03/06/19, changes that you afraid but probably will not be able to avoid. As for whether they are painful or not, it is up to you, and you will definitely see them coming but you will make it more difficult if you try to resist them and do not prepare properly for them. At times maybe you will feel that you miss the earth beneath your feet and that all "stable" references you have in your life are going to disappear. Begin to create most solid foundations for yourself and get away from dependence on people or things that you feel are your main backups. Rely more on yourself to feel safer. Changes, tension and work will certainly occur, but should remain calm and have patience to overcome them.


The new position of
Uranus, your ruler, at the sign of Aries from 05/28/10 to 03/06/19 is likely a nice place for you. But what to look out for is your nerves and your sudden bad reactions which will be difficult to get back bad words and movements you said or did. You will lose it more often and will make impulsive decisions and moves far more often than would be wrong because it will entangle even more, rather than help. It will increase your need for more freedom of movement where they will rebel against those who would try to deprive you. New, intelligent, creative and innovative ideas and inspirations you will constantly throughout this period with Uranus in Aries, where if you can organize them wright and put them into effect you can achieve amazing things. Many travel movements, contacts and new deals will help you to do all you want, but it will be difficult to stabilize somewhere, and you will probably make many new startups, but with uncertain duration.


You had many years of
Uranus "above" your head and already made the most changes in your life, and still trying to adjust to new circumstances. As Uranus passes by the next sign of Aries
will start to bring you the peace that you wanted for so long and stop bringing constantly reversals in your environment with an exception on 08/14/10 until 03/12/11 which will pass for the last time from your sign and cause the last tremendous changes. Uranus in Aries from 05/28/10 to 03/06/19 will try to reshape your financial situation and change completely the way you operate at your finances and especially your profits. It will bring you suddenly and without warning new revenues from people or activities that you don’t expect much. New technology is an area that will be very conducive to economic issues this time. In matters of love it will stop all the ups and downs that you had before and you will be able to stabilize a relationship with less tension. In matters of business will calm many rivalries and disputes you had before with your partners and coworkers and you will can work more relaxed.


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