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Author: John Pan
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Venus in your Natal chart - Horoscope is the planet, which primarily gives each of us the ability to attract others. The ability to love and to be loved is perhaps the greatest gift of Venus. Gives to everyone some trends that are destined to charm and to attract others.

By knowing anyone, what are the characteristics given by the Venus through the personal horoscope, may help not only to use them, but also to cultivate them more. Very often, people see each other to try to gain friends or partners in a particular way and trying to copy it. This of course is a mistake. One must discover their own Venereal talents and abilities to attract others with their own unique way. The characteristics of Venus where they can turn others to you are many and vary. Physical beauty, a possible musical talent, an internal assessment of art, the wonderful ability to love life, is the typical gifts of Venus.

When Venus is in a favorable position in your Horoscope gives in your personality natural warmth and magnetism. Under this benevolence influence, your relationships are generous with others, tender, with deep understanding. This sympathy for others combined with a first-class charm can make a person very popular. The inharmonious aspects that are likely to form Venus with other planets may bring difficulties create anxiety on sexual matters, relationships, partnerships and friendships. People that are characterized for their cold-without feelings-nature, which seem unable to make or keep friends, often have a problem from disharmonious Venus or some temporary inconsistencies of Venus formed from year to year, depending on your personal horoscope.

The awareness of the effects of Venus can facilitate each and every one of us to enhance a good position of the sign and the position of Venus, but also to mitigate respectively, a less favorable one. Venus is, above all, something useful that can help you win the love and the admiration of others. To show you the way for harmonious and happy relationships.
The following information will tell you what to expect and what not, in accordance with the sign that Venus is located at the time of your birth, in your natal chart. You'll see what features has Venus given to you, so, you can take advantage of them accordingly.

Select the Sign that your Venus is located

If you do not know your Venus sign click here to find out


If your natal Venus is in Aries, you have a very combative, ostentatious and charming personality. You do not have great difficulty to acquire new lovers, but also to keep old ones. In any area you find yourself, you can obtain new conquests as fast as you can be elected the leader of a group.

The position of Venus, makes you particularly social, gives you profound love for art, many talents and is in your hand if you want to nurture it or not.
You generally get passionate with whatever you set your mind. You are chasing it to the bitter end without even pausing for a minute to see if it deserves the effort or not.

This Venus is the Venus of the hunter. Your prey, in order to maintain your relationship alive, should constantly find new impulses to make you chase it and to arouse your curiosity. You get bored very easily in your relationships and you will always want what you can't have-at least easily.

The good appearance, which is usually indicative to you, helps you to have multiple achievements in your life. You fall in love easily and you are filled with passion in your relationships. Only that, you give everything and all together very quickly at the beginning, not leaving much for Ö later. This often prevents you from making stable relationships or staying faithful to a single sexual partner.

A premature or hasty marriage can be within your possible moves, since you take all your sentimental decisions on the impulse of the moment. You often assume that the person you love will requite the affection that you show him and you seek that especially pressing.

Generally, you are right. Nevertheless, there is danger when you get married or generally committed, your ardent enthusiasm will be bigger than needed for your relationship to endure in time. Venus in Aries is one of the disharmonious positions of Venus. And this is why the most important qualifications for a relationship to be maintained are stability and consistency, features you are probably missing, while difficultly, you can function even with the influence of favorable aspects.

The difficult for a Venus in Aries, is commitment. Since very often, you will feel that there is always something a lot better out there that you do not have. Remember that the same wonderful trends that make you conquer so many love partners may become unbearable when limited to a single erotic object.


If your natal Venus is in Taurus, the people of the opposite sex are attracted strongly by your especially tender and faithful nature. Instinctively understand that they can trust you and rely on you for a lasting relationship. Extremely loyal and stable, you are true partners in the fullest meaning of the word.

Your willingness to seek harmony and your ability to manage that with great ease is apparent and it will be nice to any person who is next to you. Under the influence of this position of Venus, you will begin to look for an erotic companion soon, after you have a clear understanding of your particular strong need to love and to be loved.

††† To satisfy this need of yours, you are willing to make a slow and methodical research in order to find your ďsoul mateĒ that will share with you an extremely close and harmonious romantic relationship. Although the search for your partner is slow and steady, a rapid stabilization of a relationship or a premature marriage is often in your directly plans since you like the stability and security that they provide.

††† Once you move in together or you get married, you turn your attention in creating a wonderful home and you will work so many and endless hours in order for you and your partner to have the best. You are very popular as hosts, you cook wonderfully, you keep a warm atmosphere for your company, and that is why, your friends always have fun with you.

††† As a member of a new group, you make many friends very quickly. You are the one who makes the selections in friendships, just as in your relationships. You want few but good friends, as few friends deserve your generosity and you'll be very tender and giving with them so that you can keep them forever.

† Your companions, and in expansion, your friendships start from your childhood and you like to keep them and as an adult. Venus in Taurus is in a position of increased influence, in very good astrological position and this gives to people who have it, gathered up all the positive attributes of Venus, in order to have the capacity for healthy, harmonious, and above all, stable relationships.

††† The negative effects of this Venus, the only thing that can bear to the person who has it, is the excessive reliance on the erotic partner, as a result, the other person feels that it is suffocated in the relationship by lack of freedom.

††† As well as suspicion, intense inclinations of possessiveness and jealousy, which it would be best to be restricted as much as possible, in order not to lose your partner from the wrong course of action.


If your natal Venus is in Gemini, you have a charm that others find it captivating. Friendly and sociable, you separate easily from the crowd. Your kind-hearted laughter and wonderful sense of humor make others want to know you

Your good mood is contagious since you have a tendency to make happy whoever is around you. You have an unusually fast and smart brain that usually surprises those who don't know you well. The behavior of a schoolchild is an unlikely figure for someone who has unique ideas and great imaginative ability.

If Venus in your personal chart has good aspects with other planets, it is likely to have talent in more than one form of art. The interest and the capacity in such areas as writing, music, painting and acting, give your personality, yet another side that other people like it a lot.

With this position of Venus and all the above endearing qualities, there is a tendency for the person to have so many friends and so many sexual conquests, that it may not be so consistent in returning their interest back.

You like flirting a lot and generally the ďgameĒ in and out of a relationship. You are attracted and you attract others through an extensive cerebral, since main factor for you is communication. You want to be able to communicate with your partner, to speak with him endless hours and have much common interests, in order to be able to constantly discuss about them and deal with them.

The Venus in Gemini is a Venus who falls in love through the continuous communicate with others. Through secret glances, endless discussions face-to-face, as well as via telephone. You like flirting so much, journeys, groups of friends and frequent transportations, where it is difficult to settle down with only one person

You have so many interests, which is especially difficult to find a match that will respond to them and not to feel limited. Nevertheless, even if you find this match, it is very difficult to stay loyal, since you have instability within your blood of Ö

When you are in a relationship that expresses you, you constantly seek for social contacts with other people and thatís why it will be very rare for the couple to be alone. This is an irresistible Venus, which nobody can easily capture, while it may be much easier to fall in her nets.

If your natal Venus is in Cancer, you have an erotic nature, which satisfies quickly the needs of others. You're romantic, tender, kind-hearted and consistent to your love partner.

Due to the inclination you have, you understand others very easily and youíre a great listener urging others telling you their problems, and you are particularly alleviative. This can also be negative. To see others more often when they have problems, than when they have fun.

People tend to see you as someone who loves home, rather than a type who likes to have fun. If you want to go out more often, all you have to do is tell others. Otherwise, people will feel that they are making you a favor by leaving you home where you can deal with the flowers, kitchen and household furnishings

You give the image of a person who loves life exclusively at home and they admire you for that, but also for your amazing ability to create a charming home environment. Venus in Cancer is free than what most people think.

You have need of sociability but in a more quantitative form. Love affairs and hidden attractions between people of the opposite sex are evident. You are especially giving, searching for care and emotional support through your relationships, and require other peopleís faith and dedication, elements, that you give first.

Envy and possessiveness, though often ďchokesĒ your love partner and causes conversely emotions on others, from what you want to accomplish. Venus in Cancer is a Venus for ďhomeĒ. Treating, protecting and taking care of her mate, almost devout and can even give a battle to defend him.

From very young, people who have it particularly love family and want very quickly to have one of their own. This can lead them from early age at marriage, while, if it takes long they will never feel complete until their dream is fulfilled.

They should be careful though, because parents, relatives, money or hobbies, can bear hardships in their marriage, or even in a stable relationship.

If your natal Venus is in Leo your erotic nature is characterized by an almost childhood fieriness that capture the heart of others. Open-hearted, cheerful and optimistic, you light up the lives of others by making them feel very beautiful.

You are smiling all the time and others count on your presence as an antidote for those difficult days. This position of Venus makes you eligible for deep love and is usually not that difficult for you to find a sexual partner.

You are very dynamic, with multiple skills in organization and administration, fact that brings you many achievements since people generally need to feel safe and that they can support somewhere.

Venus in Leo channels a power, and this makes her come very high in the preferences of others. But when, she falls in love can be particularly demanding with her own way either she understands that or not. She has her own high standards in order to make a stable relationship and cannot easily be changed.

You want to have freedom of movement within a relationship and this freedom you will never abuse, since you are satisfied from your relationship. You are ready to make sacrifices for your loved one, but you want to have equal treatment.

By nature, you have a tendency to be faithful and generous, but you will remain so, only if your love partner stays equally faithful. If your lover infringes your ego or hurts your pride, you will soon be looking for a new partner.

Venus in Leo loves the theatre, arts in general and may express the stimuli, which will have a talent. Physical beauty is another gift of Venus and has been given generously to people in this position.

Nevertheless, you must avoid excesses with food, because you put on very easily weight, especially in times of emotional crisis. A Venus in Leo has from a child a high popularity especially if she has well accepts with other planets in her personal chart.

You long for love a lot and you want to be the centre of attention of others, otherwise, you will be miserable and very quickly you will walk away from this relationship. You must be particularly careful in choosing partners, which often becomes through a close friendly person, because commitment to you is a lifetime decision and you donít change decisions easily.

If your natal Venus is in Virgo, your love nature is quiet without unnecessary fanfare and tendency to show off. You are likable to people with the same personality, similar interests and a mood for critical and detailed analysis.

Conservatives and logical, you tend to turn your erotic life to a more spiritual than physical level. Venus in Virgo is located astrologically in fall, a not so good location for the attributes of Venus and that is why there is a possibility to display negative characteristics accordingly this sign.

You are more logical than emotional in your relationships and that tires people. Romanticism and the expression of emotions itís not so easy for you and in this part you clearly come short.

Your naturally persistent passion for perfection often manifested with a wave of criticism to the people you want to attract, and later on, to your relationships. Even though you are trying to help by pointing out what are for you obvious errors, many people do not understand your often noble motives.

The way you can with words and with a completely your system, make a list of errors of a person, can only insult others and this is a key feature that you should be careful in particular.

The position of Venus gives a very incisive mind and analytical skills. Use these talents to consider more moderate means in order to achieve the perfection you want in your relationships with others.

Remember that the harmony is a form of perfectionism and criticism can easily destroy the quiet way of life that can in some phases of your life to succeed. You have deep sympathy and love for humanity. Unfortunately, these trends are not easily apparent to others, so rarely you receive the praise you deserve.

You strongly doubt your value to win love and appreciation and this is a major obstacle between you and your love partner. If you don't believe in yourself, how do you want others to believe in you?

Quietly and modestly, you offer valuable services to others that few people possess or at least can learn them. You give a lot to others, because in this way you feel that you will cover the disadvantages you think that you have.

If there are positive aspects of Venus with other planets, in your personal astrological chart, you can win in a unique way the confidence of others, to create healthy and emotionally stable relationships, constraining as much as you can, your critical instincts.

People with natal Venus in Libra, are glamorous, full of charm and a lovely nature. Usually have very beautiful natural exterior characteristics. The men are good and polite. Women are very beautiful or even impressive and sophisticated.

People who have this Venus are usually discreet, low profile, like the calmness, quietness, detests getting involved into bickering and avoiding any kind of controversy or conflict.

Acting more conciliative, trying to be fair to others and prefer to retreat themselves, whether they are right or wrong, in order not to destroy the good atmosphere in their relations.

They are able to create a very pleasant atmosphere in the environment they move. They have style and vision for things and that attracts others around them. The presence of Venus in Libra can only do such a good impression and to be talked about for hours after leaving a company.

You love beautiful and kind manners and detest the grossness and the skirmishes. You search for harmony in relationships and estimate very much a companion that will offer it. You almost always have the absolute need to have a permanent companion in your life, since you canít easily be alone and when that happens, you cannot work in other areas.

You show a great love for the arts and all aesthetically beautiful things. Many writers, actors, musicians and artists have this position of Venus. If Venus receives, favorable astrological aspects from other planets in your natal chart, is a strong indication that you can earn money through an artistic talent or make a very successful marriage with a person from the artistic field.

You want to have stability and security in your relationships, to spend many beautiful hours together with your partner and go together in all the social events that invite you. Usually dynamic partners attract you, an attribute that you lack.

Marriage and other relationships and collaborations can be successful, keep for many years and give you the economic and emotional safety that you are looking for. Venus in Libra is in her best astrological position and thatís why it expresses the characteristic of Venus, with the best possible way.

Is a Venus who knows to love and to be loved. She may maintain stability through its ability to reconcile. All these make her have a very beautiful time inside and outside of a relationship, depending on what express her at a certain point in time.

Possible inconsistencies in your birth horoscope or a particular period, which can bring a difficult emotional period, due to sensitivity and the need to be in a relationship constantly. She gets disappointed when her partner is being demystified, but the only solution is separation, only she will take a long time to get over it.

However, from time to time, according to her partnerís behaviour becomes unfaithful, usually due to excessive pressure or indifference that may receive a certain season with grim aspects.

The best you can do is to stop settling at a relationship that has ended and move on, seeking a better companion.

If your natal Venus is in Scorpio, you have an unusually strong attraction for people of the opposite sex you can as well cause strong passions to these people, as your magnetism canít go through unnoticed.

You can easily obtain the label of ďsex symbolĒ in any new group of people you enter, not so much from your very beautiful appearance but because of the fierce eroticism that scatters around you. Nevertheless, you generally set out for an exclusive erotic relationship with a person and once you find it you do not look around.

In love, you want a deep, intense and full of passion relationship, since you are able to create very strong emotional ties. You want it all or nothing within a relationship. You are not for mid-range situations in your life, since whatever you choose you give it all and do it with excellent passion.

For that period of time, where the only person in your life, gives you sincerely the love and dedication that you demand, you stay faithful. At least, you are faithful with the way of the Scorpio that differs from the traditional.

Nevertheless, few people could ask for more wonderful love experiences from those you are capable of giving to your love partner. Passionate and excessively sentimental, usually you can't easily find a person to fit in your passionate and flamboyant erotic nature.

You love more with the body than the mind, since sex is the alpha and omega for you in a relationship. For Venus to Scorpio, there can be no relationship if there is no sexual harmony with the companion. Communication, companionship and other elements are secondary for you, and this, perhaps to be your most important problem when you do not erotically find what you are looking for you stay alone for a very long time.

You prefer solitude than a relationship without particularly intense sex life. Venus in Scorpio is astrologically in a bad position, which may make you irrationally jealous and possessive for your love partner. The problem is that with the search of excessive passion and sexual tension in your relationships, you canít easily keep stability, companionship, harmony, nor can you have a good communication with your partner, features needed in a healthy relationship.

When you finally find what you're looking for from a partner, you may be so attached on it, so you get a terrible fear that you will miss him and you grab hold of him and donít let him breathe. A rampant distrust may be beyond your logic and lead you to sarcastic comments and unpleasant actions driven by the insane jealousy.

All this exaggeration may lead away the person you love. Use your very intuitive mind in order to overcome this wave of pathologic jealousy that prevents an otherwise perfect erotic personality to be able to have a kind of harmony through the relationships that it seeks.

If your natal Venus is in Sagittarius, you are generous, loyal and sophisticated. When you are in love, you are happy, blessed and you fill the life of your companion but also all the people around you with pleasure.

Tender but also Ö polygamous, the highly erotic and playful nature of yours, lets you fall in love with two people simultaneously. Moreover, you have enough energy, enthusiasm, and love to cope with both of them at the same time.

Nevertheless, your highly developed morality does not allow you to do that very often, especially when you're in a relationship that satisfy you enough and gives you continuous stimuli to renew yourself. You want to continually evolve in your life, dealing with more and more things and this requires an equally active companion next to you.

If your partner proves incapable of following your constant searches, you then feel that you are legalized to search elsewhere what he doesnít give you.

This position of Venus makes you one of the most liberal souls of the zodiac. If you like love affairs and love your freedom then the prohibitions that represents a marriage or a stable relationship is not for you. The perennial singles or people, who have more than one marriage and many years of free relations, often have Venus in Sagittarius.

If you find a companion who meets your expectations and you manage to restrict yourself within a stable relationship or a marriage, you'll want to make multiple trips, have several social events where you can go together, or more generally to unite many common interests in order not to feel stuck. You donít like the stagnation at all and is the main reason that you donít easily make stable and harmonious relationships.

You have many friends, especially inside your family environment and you will want to visit them often or go out together. Your partner will have to accept your deep sociability, the need to blow off some steam so often, without grumbling because you don't like at all the misery.

This is a Venus of Jupiter, with all the excesses and the mood for luxury. The person who is next to her should treat her as a little princess.

This Venus is looking more for a great intellectual companion, gives basis in brain communication and less in physical contact. Few can resist your communicable, good mood and everyone have a wonderful time wherever may be with you.

You aren't interested about the place of a person in society, but you often end up with friends who have very good social background, political, economic, or social. You have a very interesting personality and a range of diverse interests, so you manage easily to coexist with different people.

If your natal Venus is in Capricorn, you can win with great ease the confidence of others. You radiate certain stability and this makes many people to rely on you. This position of Venus helps much in getting positions of power very easily that will broaden your personality and raise your prestige vertically.

All these qualities are particularly attractive in the eyes of others when you meet them and you will be most of the times at a position of strength. Your love life tends to be closely related to business matters, since in the space of your work you spend most of the time.

Your need for stability and security as well as your inherent seriousness, makes you want from young to have stable long-term relations. Thus, you usually, count few relationships as assets, but tended to be a little late for a wedding.

And all this, according to a very well designed plan and based on logic. The logic is the one that prevails in your relationships even in your feelings, which block them to escape to the surface and to be expressed. You donít demonstrate easily what you have inside you and others should assume by your actions more than your words

You have a tendency to want to get married with a person who is older than you, richer or has higher social status. This is because you want to admire the person next to you. A Venus in Capricorn emits a terrible force, is inaccessible to others and very difficult for someone to approach, let alone handle.

The biggest enemy of this Saturnian Venus, is the ambitious nature of which sets too often obstacles between herself and her partner. The love partner of such a Venus should be prepared to tolerate the endless hours of work that needs in order to function.

In conjunction with some very inharmonious aspects, the ambition is everything to your life and you donít need to have a stable relationship. This happens since business priorities are more important and you can make during these periods a marriage of interest.

The most difficult obstacle that needs to overcome this Venus is to open up more to her partner, expressing her feelings and devote more time to him. In this way will be able to build a relationship full of communication, something that she lacks greatly.

And this because she has learned to keep a lot of things inside, does not express and internalize the small problems, which then become a mountain that threats her.

A great effort is needed to be able to have a good relationship, not only superficially happy, just for the eyes of the world, as she cares much about their opinion and can easily fall into this trap.

If your natal Venus is in Aquarius, you are a very social person, quite unpredictable, with multiple affairs and achievements, since your personality attracts others like a magnet. You're almost a perfect friend, too loyal, auxiliary, but not so good companion.

According to most handbooks of astrology, you are ďÖ the Venus who never loves anyone and anything, except from her friends, like nothing else in the world Ö

Whatever may say the astrological books, you have your own way to love. You don't want to have limits and you don't believe in the labels that some put you, since you don't want to be hampered by anyone or anything you do whatever goes through your mind.

Of course, if someone tries to come very close to you emotionally, you are able to run away than to stay there and face it. You're too independent, you canít stand anyone and anything that can limit you and you love to do many different things simultaneously.

Your good altruistic nature is rarely acceptable. You are what others only claim to be and everyone knows it, since you have a rare quality that you donít find often. Anything new and pioneering excites you. You cannot stand to deal with anything trite and at no degree you canít bear misery.

Your friendly relations are everything for you and for someone to win you erotically they must first go through a mental stage of search together. The brain communication is equally important for you and if your interests do not match with someone, you can't have any relationship.

You are interested more in a free erotic relationship, than a constant emotional bond since you cannot work at all with the feeling. You act more with logic and you aren't interested in being in a relationship just to feel safe, the possible stability or companionship that can offer, since they are items that you don't need as there are innate inside you.

The other elements that can make you have a relationship and you donít have inside you, you cover them with the very close friendships you make. For you, often, you are friends with your family and spend a large part of your time with them. You have a problem mainly with commitment and perhaps this is what you fear the most from a relationship, lest it limits you.

Of course, you do not understand that in conscious level. You are also in a position that you are willing to deny your feelings if you feel that in any way you are suppressed or limited by others, something that you do not feel at all with your friends.

You will need to learn how you can meet your needs for intellectual and noetic companionship without preventing your need for wandering that is typical of your nature, as long as you find the appropriate person.

The commitment comes slow for you and to settle down with one person, the secret is to admire his personality. This is very rare since you're an extremely rare personality and you usually consider yourself too high and inaccessible for anyone to touch. This is because you have set the bar high since your ability to achieve especially high goals, is particularly large.

Your partner in order to be able to be next to you for a long period of time must learn to love you and accept you the way you are. Because the biggest mistake will be, to try to change you or limit you.

When you decide to commit to a relationship-most often through cohabitation and more rarely from within a marriage-you are good partners, particularly stable, but usually this is done with someone who has the same position of Venus with you or with the Venus in Gemini which you are closer. And this, because rarely someone else can get into your place and understand you.

If your Venus is in Pisces, is astrologically in bulge, a very good location for the properties of Venus, which underlines your very emotional, erotic nature.

You are a person with sympathy and tenderness and show great loyalty and affection to those you love, while often you allow other to depend on your. Of course, you can reach in a romantic relationship with a person, more because he needs love and you want to help, rather than mutual attraction or pleasure.

You have an almost oppressive desire to love and to be loved. Other people are attracted to your good manners and your compassionate mood. Venus in Pisces gives an ideal form and a very romantic erotic nature. Sensitive and art types, you easily get affected by a love partner.

Often this position gives a passionate and mixed attitude that comes at direct conflict with your natural spiritual trends. Love triumphs, since this position of Venus gives little capacity for resistance. With Venus in Pisces, you're rarely without a lover.

Your relationships can be cataclysmic and almost always too emotional. The logic doesn't fit into your emotional relationship since feeling is the one that governs. You can give a lot to your love partner, without seeking to get anything. You are very generous with your partner you want to make beautiful gifts constantly, so that he can be very happy to be next to you, like you.

You are very conciliative and can often take a step back in order not to displease your partner. When you are forced by circumstances-usually due to some disharmonious astrological transits-to stop a relationship you deeply get depressed, but you can recover quickly enough, since it is very easy to find a replacement.

You decide very easy to commit in a relationship and that can lead to a multiply relationships and marriages. Your faith in your partner is a bit questionable, since when you're not satisfied with the relationship you prefer to stay, make patience and wait for something better, creating in parallel a second relationship in the same time, rather than separate and find your way.

Mystery is what excites you and pushes you into illegal relationships, and not the sentiment. You emotionally bond more with your stable relationship where you draw the security you feel, and you need to operate.

However, you very often idealize love and you have for him a more romantic, beautiful or even ideal image, than what is objectively. This is the most important feature that you should try to limit.

You must use more often the logic so you can see and love others for what they really are. Romance is good and the relationships really need it to work, but a notional figure for a companion can throw many of you from the sky, sharply, down to earth.
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