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Moon Void of Course
What the Void of Course Moon is:
For a few days each month, there is a time when the moon is in the Void of Course. This period may be a span of several seconds or up to two days. It begins when the next moon fulfills the last main aspect with another planet before proceeding to the next sign and when it doesn’t have another aspect with a planet.

What we shouldn’t do when the Moon is in the Void of Course:
It is observed that, for most activities we do in the day, the Void of Course Moon is not good for new beginnings, new relationships, partnerships, signatures, contacts, movements, and decisions, because this can be fatal in most cases. Avoid doing anything important. Decisions that are made during the Void of Course almost always do not get realized or fall on deaf ears. Anything one creates turns out to be wrong after some time or falls completely on deaf ears, as if one never did anything. If you make purchases during the Void of Course Moon, it seems that there will be given no opportunity to use these items in the best possible way or almost never, and it is likely to be proven that they are inappropriate, will be destroyed, or lost very soon before someone is happy. The entry of new businesses during this period fails after some time, and it seems that it is possible to create parallel and large financial commitments. In the time when the Moon is Void of Course, human logic and judgement have a very high rate of error. Neurotic trends or neurasthenia show a significant increase. Socio-political beginnings or changes in this period have brought the most unpleasant historical events.

What we can do when the Moon is Void of Course:
In the time when the Moon is Void of Course, we can relax our body, sleep, stay lying down, think, and put thoughts and feelings in order. Also, we can partake in yoga and meditation, prayer, conversation about things of our soul in psychotherapy, and generally have a conversation with our “inner” self. It is a good time to realize what we really think or feel for people and situations that play an important role in our lives, and to look deep within ourselves to find what is really happening.

What it means when someone is born when the Moon is Void of Course:
It is observed that people who were born in hours when the Moon is Void of Course will face many difficulties in their lives. According to the sign and the area in which the moon “falls,” they will have lots of difficulties in expressing themselves and will need to make greater efforts to succeed in this field. Often they are not influenced by situations that for most people are very important, and there is often an inability to feel the reality of a situation even when tragic events occur around or near them. People that are born in the Void of Course Moon sense life and situations around them with a particular intensity, which is rarely perceptible to others. In some cases it takes the form of constant desperation and despair. These people need to make greater effort in their lives than others to achieve anything or often exaggerate their efforts to specific areas.

What happens when someone has an Annual Horoscope in a Void of Course Moon:
As the birth chart "moves on" over the years and the age of each person, every two and a half years (when the Progressive Moon with the method of secondary progressions moves from one sign to the next one) if his/her Progressive Moon is in Void Course, and many things that one starts, decides, and does prove to be wrong, fall on deaf ears, or create significant difficulties. These things are likely to stay unfinished, take longer, or may never be completed. All these things prevent the person from moving on or from getting on the right track in relationships, business partnerships, education, etc. created at that time, and in marriage, cohabitation, and engagements with people who are already in one’s life, since it counts as a new beginning that will sooner or later be proven to be incorrect or will fall on deaf ears. It has also been observed that for a person that has any planet in the last degrees of a sign (e.g. 27, 28, 29 degrees), every seven and a half years they will enter into a strange discordant period of life, lasting from a few days to a year or so, depending on the time spent in the Void of Course Moon.

The first thing to do is to see whether you were born in the Void of Course Moon. Shortly after, consult each month in the Void of Course Moon to avoid making major moves when you see that it is the Void of Course, the day, and the time that you want to do anything. In the end, see if your Annual Horoscope is in a Void of Course Moon, and avoid anything new for as long as it lasts.

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