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The Laptop - Risks for Your Health

Laptop is my best friend, but today I have to name it enemy. All this, because we like it or not, the experts are more and more convinced that there are many dangers in laptop's case. In other words, we win comfort, speed and eased access, but we can lose a lot in health. It entered our lives in 80s or 90s and it became an indispensable object for the modern man and we can't imagine our work day without it or, for some of us, even the holidays. Laptop got us rid of the chair that we were bound to in order to work on our PCs and he gave us an unimaginable freedom. All these advantages sound too good, don't they? We are tempted to ask: where's the catch? The catch is in the medical consequences that the usage of laptop can have.
Smart TVs are Vulnerable to Attacks

We were all amazed by the apparition of smart TVs and we still are. They are surprisingly innovative and they gathered in the same device the HD view with the flexibility of internet. But nothing is perfect and smart TVs make no exception. Unfortunately, the researchers from the Maltese security company, ReVuln, have recently discovered a way in which they can accessing, unauthorized, of course, almost any function of Samsung's smart TVs. If you ask yourself how is this possible, you must hear that the vulnerability is present in the operating system, based on Linux, with which Samsung's last generation TVs are equipped. Consequently, using this error, the researches obtained the access at any file stored on the attached USB memory stick, at the video camera and at the integrated microphone.
What about Pinterest?

Yes. What about it? Most of you may have already heard of it, but didnít know a clue about it or you didnít have the courage to sign up. Anyways, Pinterest is one of the newest and popular social networks and it got so high in top because of his original facilities. We have facebook for keeping in touch with our colleagues (at least, for this it was created), we have twitter for communicating quickly with the ones interested in our activities and now there is also Pinterest for sharing with everyone what we have discovered regarding our hobbies and interests.
Why iPad is Unique?

Despite the fact that a numerous range of innovative gadgets, which use last generation technology, appeared lately on the market, the Apple's products are still on top. Nevertheless, the new apparitions from the market can bring some advantages that Apple can't. The issue we bring to discussion is not if iPad is better or it isn't than the tablets on Android OS because this thing is hard to be established. Still, there are moments when Android OS tablets are situating in front of iPads and vice versa. To this matter, we will take into consideration only the clear differences where iPad is on top.
The New Kindle Fire Affordable Tablets

Kindle Fire was updated and has now a lower price. Still, the big news is the Kindle Fire HD, available in 7" and 8.9" versions, for 200 USD and 300 USD. Kindle Fire. The new Kindle Fire generation keeps the name of the version launched two years ago and the technical specifications of IPS multitouch touchscreen: 7" diagonal, 1024x600 pixels, Gorilla Glass protection and anti-glare protections. In exchange, the new tablet uses a better processor, 1 GB RAM memory and bigger accumulator and according to the company, they bring an improvement of performances with 40% higher. Kindle Fire HD La piece du resistance of the ones from Amazon became Kindle Fire HD, a tablet that comes in two versions of 7" and 8.9", but which share the same hardware platform. The 7" version benefits by an IPS display with 1280x800 pixels, while the 8.9" model offers a resolution of 1920x1200 pixels or an impressive value of 254 pixels per inch.
Top 10 Laptops by Their Battery Life

Laptops were created for more flexibility, for setting us free from sitting to a desk in order to surf the net or watch an online movie. But, can we enjoy this if a laptop's life is only 2 hours, once unplugged? Still, there are laptops that have long-lasting battery life and we revealed the top 10 of them. They were tested with continuous web surfing over Wi-Fi and they all last at least 7 hours. Of course, some retailers offer sold-separately batteries for increasing your laptop's life.
Unusual Keyboards

Sometimes devices have some unpractical and annoying limits, such as sensitivity to liquids or rigid materials. And, as you would like to clean that dirty keyboard or need to take a keyboard, but not enough space in your bag/luggage, you would think that the problem has no solving. Surprisingly, the engineers solved these for you. Washable keyboard We've all been there. At some point, that keyboard will build up months of our finger grime. Of course, the white-keyed peripherals are much worse for the filthy wear.
New Technology of 2013

Technology evolved since the world, but now it does faster than ever and the way of living presented in Jules Verneís' novels or movies like Star Wars seem to transform into reality. However, what should we expect this year? Well, we can start to forget about labor work and live more vivid.
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