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Despite the fact that a numerous range of innovative gadgets, which use last generation technology, appeared lately on the market, the Apple's products are still on top.

Nevertheless, the new apparitions from the market can bring some advantages that Apple can't.

The issue we bring to discussion is not if iPad is better or it isn't than the tablets on Android OS because this thing is hard to be established.

Still, there are moments when Android OS tablets are situating in front of iPads and vice versa.

To this matter, we will take into consideration only the clear differences where iPad is on top.

So, what does iPad bring and doesn’t Android?
Well, one of the most obvious things and, at the same time, a specific feature for Apple's products, is the fact that, generally speaking, iPad is slimmer than the tablets functioning on Android OS.

On top of that, another achievement won by iPad is
the battery autonomy, which is bigger than the Android OS tablets' (we are now referring to the majority of the tablets based on Android OS).

Furthermore, we must not forget the fact that
iPad's apps are launched first, in most of the cases, the apps for Android are apps that appeared initially on Appstore, and only after this, they were calibrated for the "competition".

Here, we can even think of the fact that Android OS appeared recently and, consequently,
the community of developers for Apple iOS is bigger.

Still, this thing might change in the close future due to the fact that Android is an open-source system and it offers a perfect frame for the ones that want to develop apps based on this operating system.

Another very important aspect, which represents an advantage for iPad, and many buyers take into consideration, is the fact that
iPads are much less exposed to risks in what concerns the viruses.

In addition, iPad wins in front of Android tablets because,
in most of the cases, it comes with a better touchscreen.

, the display tends to have bigger dimensions that Android tablets do. As a conclusion, we can say that iPad represents the majority of advantages in front of Android tablets, for now, in the context where the competition's producers are making compromises in what concerns the performance for offering a better price.

Still, competitors like Samsung are too close to iPad performances, no wonder they fought so badly
worldwide to cut out from the market some of Samsung’s products.


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