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Author: Éulia Iliescu
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Technology evolved since the world, but now it does faster than ever and the way of living presented in Jules Verne’s' novels or movies like Star Wars seem to transform into reality.

However, what should we expect this year? Well, we can start to forget about labor work and live more vivid.

Printing 3D

Well, prints are part of our life, both at the work place and at home, since 19th century, but it has been only for a few years when prints went to the next level. We all heard about 3D printing, but we are used to think of it as to a huge machine, who builds a model of a only for knowing if it's well made and ready to be launched.

But, according to CEA (Consumer Electronics Association),
2013 could become the year of 3D printing. For this matter, the big companies have already made the step of owning them, but the next step is bringing them into people's homes.Practically, any shape/form can be printed.

The only thing that's necessary is to program it on the computer and the print will deliver it perfectly, respecting every detail, no matter how small. Furthermore,
even the iPhone cases are printed and many other companies from this field started to use this new and very useful technology.

The MakerBot company already created a prototype of desktop 3D print and it is only a slightly bigger than a usual multifunctional one.

However, we can expect to anything, since it is known that
3D prints are able to build even houses and it's not impossible to build entire towns using this technology in the next decade.

The next TV generation

For more than a decade, the High Definition technology has mastered the TV industry. Still, even if you can now enjoy videos clearer than we could've possibly imagined, the big companies are not satisfied. Therefore, they are continuously inventing new ones. For this moment, the 4K technology is the most advanced from this field, but this year it could be beaten up or even doubled by the 8K technology and the OLED one.

So, more important, because it's more attractive and easier to sell, than the 3D printing technology is the new TV generation. We can even say that this is the beginning of Ultra High Definition (UHDTV) movies. Thus, until 2015, the big producers expect to sell approximately 1.5 million of items all over the world.

The music evolution

It is already stated that most of the artists went online and, for this matter, CDs are old-fashioned and almost forgotten. Sooner, they will become history, just like floppy disks.

Now, sites like YouTube, SoundCloud and became the best way of promoting a song or LP and artists make the most of this method.
So, almost any interpret can be now found on Deezer, Spotify, Facebook or Twitter, where any fan can, by a single click, to subscribe at all their posts, news and releases.

In this Era of Sounds, as the ones from CEA say,
the HD earphones become more and more present. We can say that it's mostly the (r)evolution of sound. So, we not only see clearer than ever, but we hear clearer. This is technology's way of making our lives more vivid.

However, according to other specialists, it is believed that 2013 will be a good year for revolutionizing the mobile phones market in Africa and a revolution in education through different technologies. 


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