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Author: Steve Smakin
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So you are addicted to Facebook and follow celebrities on Twitter! Well you feel that it is not a big thing because everybody around you does it and on top of it, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are fun.

Of course, there are numerous benefits of social networking websites including exploring new business opportunities and finding old and new friends. However, the evils of the Facebook and social networking sites are numerous. They are quite dangerous and can even thwart one’s privacies.

Back in the early days when the internet was first introduced, many private companies and government agencies collaborated and started utilizing the means of communication beyond the customary email services within offices.
Surprisingly, the restricted emails in the offices reached homes and people now had a new passion, ‘chatting’. Now the internet was observed as a new technique for business communication.

The first boom in the social communication era started with the introduction of Orkut.
People went mad over it overnight. People came to know about the importance of social networking site. Writing testimonials, displaying personal photographs, writing comments, chatting and various other interesting activities made the site a rage among youngsters. People got addicted to the site.

The light hearted game slowly took shape of a huge monster.
The impact was such that people dreaded the consequences.
What happed? Well, nothing but the obvious. The immense popularity of one social networking group gave way to many other sites.

People now have complete and easy access to numerous social networking groups including facebook, linkedin, twitter and a lot more. However, this is not the problem. The easy and immediate access to social networking sites hasgiven anti-social elements and predators an opportunity to fulfil their heart’s desires. Recently, Eric Schmidt CEO of Google has shared his concern about too much information fears that too much information is shared online these days. Unfortunately, there are only a few who have shared genuine information.

People with wrong intentions are changing their names and reinventing themselves.
They are also indulging in crimes this way.
Predators are looking forward to get the best out of this opportunity. Innocent children and girls are being trapped by antisocial elements. Mr Schmidt also warns that any kind of infoshared online can damage one’s reputation for life. The basic problem behind the concept is that it works for an extremely powerful tool for self-embarrassment. Yes. It can easily ruin basic reputation on an international as well as virtually scale. As soon as you put info online, it is shared across the globe in seconds. And the best part is that it will be recalled after several decades.

Here are some of most common disadvantages of usage of social networking sites:
Professional Disadvantages
With a social networking website, you are easily hired. However, the site can easily get you fired too. Adding office colleagues as friends can be the most common danger of using a social network site. Why?

* You cannot claim sick leaves. Jealous colleagues will know about it and inform your boss and you will be fired in no time.

* You cannot do freelancing apart from a regular job. Your boss will catch it.

* Gossiping will be dangerous. You never know who your enemy is.

* What you say and how you act on the social networking site displays a lot about you. Do you really want to show who you are to your entire workplace?

* When your employers analyse your online persona, they will get a very raw and unfiltered hintabout who you are. It is a highly effective tool for them to screen their employees and keep tabs on their activities.

* You would be surprised to know that there is a very long and ever growing list of stories of people having lost their job due to their Facebook status updates. In fact, many of the Twitter tweets have also resulted in losing jobs.

It is usually not a good idea to bad mouth your employer and job on a social networking site which most people are unable to resist. As already discussed, it is a very bad idea to discuss how much fun you had at the new found hang called in the office for a sick leave.

* Remember that your jealous juniors and strict employers are keeping tabs on you online. Employers are definitely watching you. One wrong decision will cost your job.

Financial Disadvantages
This is the biggest disadvantage that you have over interacting on a social networking site. People try to display every aspect of their life on Facebook. They buy a new car, they display it. A salary raise is displayed. New jewellery and cars are displayed through pictures. This is a great help to people who want to get benefits from other’s financial details. Professional hackers and anti-social elements have bankrupted many who display their financial status online through networking sites.

Those who shop a lot online and sow of their status are in a great loss. Banks can also assume risk levels of an individual via assessing credit score. It is extremely dangerous for your financial status to indulge in social networking sites excessively.

Facebook addiction is more dangerous than addition to tobacco or alcohol.
Tobacco and alcohol addiction can be overcome via admitting the victimin a rehabilitation center. What will you do about addiction to social networking sites? Nothing!
None of the counselling centers and rehab institutions will help you in this matter. Addiction to social networking sites can destroy your life.

It sucks precious time out of your life.
You lose interest in work.

You don’t even realize how time flies during day when you are busy chatting and playing games. In the evening, when you realize that your target has not completed, it gets too late.
This hampers your job. Many skilled professionals have lost theirjobs due to social networking addiction. Students have a bad time focussing on their studies due tosocial networking fever.
They fail, their confidence loses, they want to display what their friends display, inferiority complex develops and ultimately they commit suicide.

Personal Disadvantage
Of course, social networking sites come with many disadvantages for personal self.
You display your personal life to your friends and spouse. Your love life rocks! Now what? You are attracted to one of your friends and your spouse came to know about it.

Nothing can go worse. Your entire life is shattered. Unfriending your ex can seem to be quite an easy affair online. However, you require being extremely careful about what your say and do on Facebook. One wrong word and your image among hundreds of your friends will get tarnished.

Safety Concern
It is not safe to use a social networking site regularly, especially if you are no aware of the privacy settings and how they work.
There have been dangerous and frequent instances of dangerous men stalking girls to ruin their life.

Children are not safe either. Many were kidnapped, lured into physical abused and blackmailed by predators. Nobodyis safe. Many have paid the price for making social network an integral part of their life. They have destroyed their life forever. Women have been raped, killed, molested, physically abused, tortured and blackmailed. Many newspapers, magazines and TV shows have displayed the bad effects of social networking sites. However, the addiction to these sites is such that people are unable to know how and when they are trapped. The trap is strong.

This does not mean that Social Networking has only dark side to it.
It is good only if you restrict its use personally, professionally and financially.
Making it the center of your life can be quite harmful for you. In fact, it will also destroy your life. This is not a wise thing to do. There are many instances where you can use the power of social networking site. For instance, searching for a long lost friend is easy via Facebook.

In fact, it is very easy to do this. Social networking sites are a boon for those who have been searching for their long lost friends and relatives can highly benefit from these sites. It is a wonderful way to get what you want. Searching for information or any of the important matter and latest news is easy via using social networking sites. Getting good professional links is easy via using the site. There are many communities that invite highly skilled professionals to join in and work part-time, full time and on freelance basis. This is the best make great way to your career.

You get linked to skilled professionals on a regular basis.
Working from home is a wonderful experience. This will help you get the best of both worlds.

There are many thrilling benefits to the progress of the Net. The social networking sites are one of them. Facebook and Twitter already enabled people to rewire with friends and family. It has also provided them with a wonderful platform for sharing info and staying regularly in touch.

One can also stay in touch with what is happening around the world. In fact, the real-time aspect of social network and its benefit of status updates have created a revolution in the field of online research and breaking news. However, excess of everything is bad. Getting addicted to social networking site can actually hamper your actually capacity to get ahead in your professional life. It can also destruct your personal life,create differences within your family life and relatives.

The worst part is that it is highly unsafe and can thwart your family life to a larger extent.

You are unable to concentrate on anything else. People who don’t know you will know all about you. Your life is an open book. Is it wise to get into trouble knowingly? No. You must fight against the matter and suggest your friends and well-wishers to do so. There is a well-known joke related to the height of Facebook addiction.
Here is how it goes:

A man has been sentenced to death for a heinous crime. As a ritual, the judge asks the culprit to make his last wish.
Judge: What is your last wish?
Culprit: Promise me Sir, that you will fulfil it.
Judge: Don’t worry. Ask for it.
Culprit: I want to update my Facebook status as ‘dead’
The judge was surprised at this. He was astonished at the height of addiction of social networking sites among people.

This was but a joke. However, in real life, people are badly addicted to Facebook and other social networking sites. Their condition is worse than the culprit mentioned above in the joke. This is also the reason that they are unable to achieve success in their life.

They get addicted to these sites so badly that nothing remains capable of helping them out. Many lives have been spoilt and many have been lost to the addition of social networking sites.

The article above is an attempt to help people come out of this trap and realize what they have been doing to their precious life. Let us stand together and pledge to restrict the use of social networking sites. This is important.

You need to wake up from the deep slumber and do whatever it takes to help yourself and help others.
You will definitely get benefitted by this act.
Spreading awareness on the dangerous disadvantages of excessive personal and leisure usage of social networking sites is one of the best ways to eliminate these vices from the society. Make sure you start off with the task at your home and spread it across friends and relatives gradually. Your efforts will definitely pay.

Social networking is a boon. Let’s not make it a bane. Restrict its usage and learn about privacy setting in detail. This will help you a lot. Good luck!


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